The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Brattesani Zanre Zaccarini Becci Coffrini Landini connections

It seems during my research on the Scots- Giulianotti lines that most of the branch came from Valdena in the Comune just to the south of Borgo Val Da Tora in the Parma Region of Emilia Romanga in northern Italy.

Understandably there were many social interactions with families in the region and we see many branches of the same families intertwining into a great big jigsaw puzzle. Connected surnames with the Giulianotti families who emigrated to Scotland are many but I will start below

Giulio GIULIANOTTI married Rosa Brattesani. This marriage is the link in our family chain.. Rosa was born in nearby Vorno. Her sister Valentina Brattesani married my Great Grandfather Emilio Quilietti.

This Giulianotti line is traced back to c 1760 where Biagio Giulianotti married Margherita Zaccarini. They had nine children of whom four or five died in early infancy. Two main Giulianotti lines. Domenico and Antonio.

Domenico Giulianotti line

Their Son Domenico Giulianotti 1787-1867 married Maria Caterina Victoria Dellanza 1801-1860 on 11th October 1818 in nearby San Vincenzo. Many of their children died in early infancy. The surviving children of this line mainly remained in Italy, although one branch ended up in Dundee, Scotland. It is easy to see whilst researching into these families how you can get mixed up with so many Maria’s.







LUIGI GIULIANOTTI 1832 married Maria Fugaccia 1823-1890.

Their daughter Francesca Maria Giulianotti 1862-1941 married DOMENICO ANTONIO ZANRE‘. Domenico Antonio Zanrè was born in 1858 in Valdena. His gravestone has 1857 listed as his birth year, but his Birth Certificate, indicates he was born in 1858. Domenico was tall, and known as “Gambung” due to his long legs.

This line through Maria Clementina Giulianotti and Giuseppe Zanre’ settled for the part in Dundee in Scotland. Their family

Charles or Celestino was born in Dundee in 1910. He married Catleen Cotogno.

Angela Maria Zanre’ was born in 1912 in Dundee. In 1938, she married Luigi Becci. She died in Stirling in 2014

Giuseppe was born in Valdena in 1913. He married Emilia Soave who had also been born in Italy. It looks like they lived in Aberdeen for a while then off to Dundee where they ran a fish and chip shop. He was interred during WW2 and shipped to Canada. He died in 2009 in Dundee, Scotland.

Giulia Zanre’ was born in 1916 in Dundee. She married Giuseppe Fugassio in 1948 in Dundee. His family were from the same region in Italy. Still to trace this line.

Giuseppina or Josie married……………still to trace this line.

PAOLO GIULIANOTTI 1835 – no further information


GIOVANNI GIULIANOTTI 1840 line in Scotland

Bartolomeo or Robert Giulianotti was born in Valdena in 1864. He married Rosa Zanre’, daughter of Giovanni Zanre’ and Luigia Dellanza. This line settled in the Perth area of Scotland where he ran a confectionery business. He lived at 24 Leslie Street in Perth. He died in 1932.

Ernest Giulianotti was born in 1865 in Valdena. He married Angela Becci and it seems the family settled in the Peterhead area. Daughter Carolina was born in 1903. She in turn married John Stephanini. Caroline died in Arduther Hospital in Stonehaven in 1974

Severino Giuseppe Giulianotti was born in Valdena in the year 1880 Moving to Scotland he met and married Assunta Corvi and the family settled in Perth.

There were five children to be confirmed.

Giuseppe Angelo Giulianotti born 1912-1992. He married Barbara Dickson.

Robert John Giulianotti born 1916. He married Maria Antoinetta Dora and they moved to Bridge of Earn in Perth. Robert died in 1971

Henry Severino Giulianotti born in Italy in 1927. He married Adele Maria Poretti in 1952 in Perth. He died in 2010 in Bridge of Earn in Perthshire. I believe Henry was a Councillor. They had one son Henry born in 1957

Flora to be confirmed

Louis to be confirmed

EUGENIO GIULIANOTTI was born 1st November 1892 in Borgo val da Tora.. He married ROSE DALMESTRI. It seems he did come to Scotland and we find him in the WW2 internee camp in the Isle of Man. He was released SECOND ATTEMPT Looks like he ran a restaurant business in Justice Street in Aberdeen. He died in 1968 in Aberdeen. I HAVE No further information on this line

Will go back now to Biagio 1760.

His son ANTONIO GIULIANOTTI was born in 1801 in Italy and lived until the year 1877. He married Maria Caterine Ostacchini 1806-1881 whose family were from the same region.

They had a large family as many as six of their children died as infants or babies. So will only put down the children who survived

1st child BIAGIO GIULIANOTTI 1828-1848.

2nd child GIUSEPPE GIULIANOTTI 1831-1883. He married ROSA ZANRE’ in 1862 in Valdena. Their children as followsGIULIO GIULIANOTTI who married ROSA BRATTESANI. They married in 1892 in St. Mary’s R.C. Cathedral in Broughton Street, Leith, Edinburgh. Rosa’s family lived in this area of Edinburgh. They moved up to Aberdeen shortly thereafter where they remained until their deaths in 1929. Giulio was a leader in the Italian community in Aberdeen.

3rd child – . GIOVANNI GIULIANOTTI was born in Valdema in 1867. His first wife was Angelina Zaccarine 1876-1905 . They married c 1898 in Valdema. They had two children Giuseppe and Disolena. Angelina died prematurely in 1905. Giovanni remarried in the year 1910 back home in Valdema to Emilia Teresa Ferrari, whose family were also from the area. Her parents were Luigi Ferrari and Caterina Barbieri. Giovanni and Emilia returned to Scotland and they chose Stonehaven as their base.

Children of Giovanni Giulianotti and Emilia Ferrari

RICARDO GIULIANOTTI 1911-1972 married GIULIA ROSE BECCI 1908-1969. Their known children Sylvia Eva who married John Wood and John Joseph who married Ruth Lothian.

ARTURO SANTORI GIULIANOTTI 1916-1992 married Maria Celesta Dora. He was also interred to the Isle of Man during WW2 I believe the family moved to Peterhead but have no further information on this line

Eva Mary Giulianotti 1922-2013. She married Luigi Dellanzo. No further information on this line

Maria Rose Giulianotti 1925-2013. Married Emilio Biocchi 1992-1997 Believe they lived in Stonehaven area. No further information on this line

4th child EMILIO GIULIANOTTI was born in 1870 in Borgotora. Death unknown. He married Virginia Venturini who was also from Borgotora. They moved to Aberdeen where they had at least three children

GIUSEPPE CESARE GIULIANOTTI was born in Borgotora 1905-1968 He married Irma Carini. Son Luciano born 1940. No further information known on this line


RINALDO GIULIANOTTI born 1911 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

5th Child – ANTONIO GIULIANOTTI was born c 1870 in Borgotora. Still researching this line as it is so near the ANTONIO or PETER GIULIANOTTI whose parents were different on his death Certificate. So will input this information under LANDINI line below.

6th child GIOCONDO GIULIANOTTI was born in 1873 death unknown. Believe he married Maria Zanre. Had at least one child Assunta who died at birth.

7th childNICODEMO GIULIANOTTI. Again there are two Nicodemo lines so I will input this separately below. Different parents.

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