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The story of a Scots Italian family

BRATTESANI Giovanni /Speroni/Cura line

Another of the Branches of this extended Brattesani line is Giovanni Brattesani who married Ermerlinda Giuditta Speroni on 15th March 1901 in Borgotora.

below is correspondence from Pete Cura posted into the San Vincenzo page.

1911 Scottish census showing the family living at 35 High Street, Anstruther in Fife. The places of birth of the family gives you an indication of how the family moved from Auchtermuchty to Thornton, Cellardyke and then to Anstruther. It also tells us that Giovanni and his mother Domenico were born in America. Younger brother Tilio was born in Italy.

Ciao tutti,
Thanks for this, it’s absolutely fascinating.
I have a hunch that the John or Giovanni mentioned in the third paragraph may have been my Great Grandfather but according to my father he may have been born in America, (as was my maternal Grandfather Attilio Dellanzo who’s family hailed from Rovinaglia),and did visit his brother there at a later date.
However,I am told he had several children for whom he set up businesses around Scotland. The eldest being my Grandmother Adelena who married my Grandfather Giovanni Cura and settled in Cupar,Fife. The youngest Jimmy and Ena ran Brattisani’s Ice cream and Chip shop in Anstruther,Fife
It seems he left a brother and sister in each as Dave and Mary ran a shop and billiard room in Edzell and I didn’t realise I had an Uncle Peter and aunt Carolina in Crail until the former passed away. The only one I think is still alive is Jean. There may have been more.
They were all first cousins with Louisa Tagliavino who I always visit when on Hallowed Ground. I think I’ve only met her son Luigi on one occasion.
My mother’s Maternal and Father’s Paternal liniage are from Buzzo over the valley near Gotra and Albareto.. But that’s another story altogether.

It’s been great teaming up with you all.
Hope to speak again soon.
All the best. Pete

In Scotland they had eleven children who settled in the Anstruther, Arbroath, Montrose and Dundee areas of Scotland.

  1. ADELINA was born on 9th March 1903 in Cupar Road in Auchtermuchty in Fife
  2. ANTONIO ADELINO was born 1904 in Nairn Street, Thornton in the Parish of Markinch in Scotland.  He married Jane Allan Nicol  in 1932 in Kirkcaldy in Fife.   Later he married Ruby Bechelli or Anderson.  He died in 1969
  3. MANEGILDO DOMINOCO was born in 1905 in Cellardyke in James Street..
  4. MARIA was born in 1908.  She worked in her Uncle David’s cafe and shop in Edzel.  She died in 1993 age 85 in Morningside, Edinburgh
  5. VITTORIO LODOVICO was born in 1907in High Street, Anstruther.  He married Mary Vettesse in Dundee in 1939.  Their respective parents were partners in a Billard Saloon in Brechin in Fife.  They had two daughters Anna and Margaret.   Maria’s parents were Giuseppe Vettesse and Filomena Canale.  Maria had a long life and died at the age of 87 in Montrose Street in Brechin.   Vittorio was not so lucky. He died in 1948 as a result of a drowning accident.
  6. Pietro was born in 1917 in Shore Street, Anstruther.  He never married and was a confectioner by trade.  He died in 1948 in Montrose.
  7. Davide was born in 1911 in High Street, Anstruther and died in 1989
  8. Carolina Euginia was born in 1910 in High Street, Anstruther.   She died in 1996 in Montrose age 86
  9. GENIA was born in 1916 in Shore Street, Anstruther.
  10. TEREZINA was born in 1919.  She married John Owen McBride in 1947 in St. James Church in lovely St. Andrews.  Ena as she was known died in 1989.  Her husband died in 1976 when he was only 60 years old.

Ermerlinda Speroni died in Anstruther in the year 1943 age 61 years.  Her father was Gaetano Speroni and her mum was Cristina Lucia.

In Stirling,Scotland there was another member of the Cura family.   His name was Girolano Cura who had married  Maria Feloni in London in the year 1889.   They moved to the Stirling area where they ran an ice cream shop.  Their children came along.  John was born in 1895 in Baker Street in Stirling.  The following year another son was born Adolpho Seraphino Cura.








She married in 1951 to Almerindo Guiseppe Massari in St. Andrews in Fife. He died in 1993. Genia died in 1996.



Teresina was the youngest. She married John Owen McBride. I have no further information on this line

8 Responses to “BRATTESANI Giovanni /Speroni/Cura line”

  1. C Ingram says:

    I have a story about my dad, Henry Lee Ingram. It’s a story he shared with me when I was little, and it impressed me with his conscience. Dad was born in 1904 in Anstruther Easter, Fife, Scotland. I am certain that Brattesani’s Candy Shop on Shore Street was not open on the Sabbath. However, for some reason, Dad had his collection money with him as he walked down Shore Street. He passed Jimmy Brattisani’s shop. .. very slowly… the money jingling a song of candy. He reached for the coins AND the door handle, then stopped himself, “Nae, I hadna better do it.”
    When i visited Anstruther in 1995, I was so pleased to see Brattisani’s was still there… and to enjoy a sweetie!

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you so much for your comments. It is so nice to hear these wee stories and to record them while we have the history in our hands. Each wee bit of history makes a story. Helen

  3. Adele Mcgarry says:

    I found this info by chance. I knew the family well especially Jimmy and Ena. WE all met on Sundays inthe home above the ice cream shop and had wonderful times together. When i gave birth to my first child ,a daughter , Ena gave me the moses basket that all her children had used. They were happy times and such a kind family. So glad to have found you Adele PS i remember they had a beautiful daughter Theresa who died so young

  4. sandra hughes says:

    Brattisanis in Anstruther had the best ice cream in the whole of Scotland. I remember Jimmy and Ena well as I grew up in Anstruther and still live here. How we loved our icecream drinks on Saturday nights after the dancing in the town hall at Brattisanis shop. I also remember on one wall was a large case full of smoking pipes and on the other wall were lovely boxes of chocolates.Also the counter had loads of sweetie jars on display.So glad I found this site just by chance it has brought back so many memories. Happy days. Franice Mc Bride still lives in Anstruther his wife has a lovely gift shop on the shore called Gibbles.

  5. Derek Farmer says:

    Like Sandra Hughes, i remember Brattesanis being an institution in Anstruther in the 1950-1970 era.
    Great ice-cream. Great sweetie selection.
    I also remember Jimmy B. being an amateur bookmaker.
    Placed a few bets on the nags with Jimmy in the ’60’s !

  6. Brattesani Giovanni e Brattesani Attilio erano fratelli tutti e due di Rovinaglia

  7. Helen says:

    Have translated Luigi’s comment here. He is telling me that John and Attilio were brothers. Thank you again Luigi. I welcome with open arms any information you wish to share. Thank you. Helen

  8. Jerry Cura says:

    I am one of many great grandchildren of Girolamo and Maria Feloni, the Stirling Cura branch. Adolpho was my grandfather. He and his brother John moved back to Italy with their parents but returned to Britain to open an ice cream shop in Windsor. My grandfather then emigrated to Boston and his brother opened a restaurant on London.

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