The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

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Baptised Mariana Fortunata Alesandra  Brucciani, sister of Eletta Brucciani Quilietti. Amelia was born in the year 1842 in Castelvecchio Pascoli.  She married Francesco Dante who was also from the same village.

MY GOOD FRIEND Jenny Wrenn helped me find lots of information about the Dante family and also the Quilietti family who had settled in Rhode Island.  Thank you my dear friend for all your help.  We will to be sure meet up again.  In America they have what is called yearbooks, where you can find out lots of information about your families.   My friend Jenny who worked in the local Authority there sent me over copies of yearbooks and this is what we found

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Betty Quilietti visiting the Danty [Dante] grave in Pawtucket 1992
grave in Pawtucket 1992″]

For whatever reasons they decided that their destiny would be in America and we know from the yearbooks that they were there in 1882.   Immigration was not yet on the grand scale it was to become over the next 50 years and there were relatively few Italians in Providence, Rhode Island at this time.   Ellis Island did not open her doors until 1892. We know that they started up business as Fruit merchants very early on in the town of Pawtucket.  They had three surviving children to our knowledge and perhaps more. There was Pietro who married his first-cousin Ermenia Quilietti. They married in Rhode Island in 1901 and settled in Pawtucket There was Henry born in 1880 and who died in 1945.  He also settled in Pawtucket There was Annie born in 1882 and who married into the Aurielo family.  We believe she also lived in Pawtucket. People referred to her as Annie Danty in America.  They had several addresses but settled in North Main Street in Pawtucket

North Main Street, Providence 1890

She died on May 23rd 1929 at the grand age of 85 years  of a celebral hemorrhage.   She is buried in Mt. St. Mary’s Cemetery in Pawtucket. Her father was Giuseppe Brucciani and her mother Theresa Conti. We will remember her with great affection knowing that this Brucciani sister who was a dear aunt to the Quilietti family was the main reason that they chose this part of the U.S.A. to emigrate.   Her son Pietro married Ermenia Quilietti, and they were cousins.

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