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BRATTESANI \ DORA connections

For those of us who live in Scotland the Brattesani surname will always be associated with Fish and Chips.  The best Fish Suppers could always be bought from their shops.  Shops throughout Scotland, Edinburgh, Anstruther, Dundee, Arbroath, Perth and many more.  They are legend.

David Brattesani was one of at least five brothers who originated from Borgo Val da Tora in Parma, Italy.  It was one of his descendants who married into the Dora Clan and who settled in Dundee in Scotland.

David was born in 1842 and married Anna Maria Coffrini in Italy.  The Coffrini family are well intertwined with other branches of the Brattesani’s.  This branch had at least six children,

The children of David Brattesani and Anna Maria Coffini

As you can read below Peter left home when he was only 13 to come to Scotland.

from grandson Peter

David’s son Sante Brattesani married Rosa Gioagapazzi and it was their daughter Matilda Rose who married into the Dora clan.  I can see from various census entries that the Dora family had arrived in Scotland and settled in the Dundee area in the 1890s.

Dora line

1952 marriage of the two families


from Giulio Dora who still works in the Fish and Chip Shop Industry today.

Dora's fish and chips, Dundee


The Dora family were also connected to the Cura Family as well.  Giovanni Cura had married Luigia Dora circa c 1870 in Italy.   So far as I have researched to date their family were short lived and they must have endured such pain with the passing of their children.

  • They had a daughter Angela born in 1891.  Angela married into the Delfillipe faily and they settled in Perth.  Both parents were still alive in 1926 and active in the fish and chip industry when Angela died prematurely in 1926 with child birth complications
  • They also had a son called Angelo who was born in 1898.  Angelo also died very prematurely of complications due to alcoholic poisoning.  Brother Emilio Cura was present on his deathbed.
  • Son Paolo died when he was only 15 years of a chest infection.

 Further research is needed on these sides of the family.  If anyone out there wishes to contribute then please be in touch with helen



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  1. Monica Morley says:


    Joe Dora of 1 Applegate Arbroath, and my grandmother was Valentina nee Giacopazzi. They arrived in late 1920’s and set up a fish and chip shop, and uncle Chae, his brother did the same in Fisheracre. My grandmother’s dad,Luigi, died in Arbroath April 1932 aged 73. His wife was Angela Bratesani I know no more details.
    It would be good to find out more.

  2. Helen says:

    Hello and thank you for your comment. Angela Brattesani would most certainly be one of the Clan as all are related and we know already of the Dora connections. I will endeavour to find our more about this branch on my next visit to the archives. If you have any photos, even of your own line, I would love to include you all. Thanks and please feel free to email me on

  3. James Dora' says:

    Just a follow-up. Peter Dora’ later changed to Doran married Marcella And had two girls Marcella and Lucy.

  4. James Dora' says:

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone . My Great Grandfather Giuseppe Dora’ was the son of Giovanni Dora’ and Maria Brattesani and husband of Lucia DelGrosso from Rovinaglia. Giuseppe worked in the Fish and Chips Restaurant business n Dundee and later his oldest son Peter Dora’ who changed his name to Doran took over. Peter I believe worked or lived at 2 Middle Street, Dundee. Later on he moved to New York and lived near my Grandparents Giovanni Dora’ and Maria Pelizza.

  5. Helen says:

    Thank you for posting this very interesting piece of family information. I would love to some Dora connections from you James, what I mean is from one of the family. You could e.mail me directly if you are interested

  6. James Dorá says:

    Just wanted to let you know in the Dora line tree I believe that Biagio Serafino Dorá born 1864 is a brother of my Great Grandpa Giuseppe Dorà born 1860. The sons of Gian Maria Dorá born 1838 and Marianna Brattesani born 1840 all From Rovinaglia. I remember family said that Gian Maria worked on building the road from Parma to Borgotaro. Other siblings are Theresa b. 1858, Maria b. 1859, Angelo b.1861, Alliosyio b. 1865 died in an Avalanche , Julio’s b.1871 moved to Globe, Arizona and Paulo b.1874. The Dora’s date back to Abt. 1674 in Rovinaglia a long with Curà family with the christenings of Domenico and Domenica. Other generations are Giuseppe b.1818 married Maria Orsi b.1820, Gian b.1798 married Maria Delnevo b.1800, Giuseppe b.1777married Rosa Cardinalli b.1779, Gian b.1756 married Maria Ferrari b.1758.

  7. Helen says:

    Great to hear from you James. Please excuse the lateness of my reply. I will endeavour to get your information onto a dedicated page with your permission of course. Do you have any photos even of yourself to enhance the information. We will be third or fourth cousins I recon. Please feel free to email at

  8. Joseph Ferrari says:

    It is fascinating to come upon this site, and learn about Brattesani /Dora connections.

    My grandmother, Tressie ( Theresa) Dora was born in Forfar Scotland 1907 to Isalena Brattesani and Serfino di Guiseppe Dora. Serfino Dora was born in Borgo Val di Taro in 1883, and died in the same town in 1917 of wounds carried in combat when he was a soldier in the Italian army. Isalena Brattesani and Serafino Dora moved back to Borgo Val di Taro in 1916 shortly before Serafino joined the army.

    Theresa (Tressie) Dora married my grandfather, Luigi Ferrari in 1929 in Borgo Val di Taro.

    I am so far unsure if they are related directly to anyone on referenced on. this site.

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