The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

DEMARCO Irene’s line

THIS INFORMATION has been copied directly from information given via Billy and his sister Andrea via Irene Demarco.  We will dedicate this page to IRENE DEMARCO .   This is a brilliant piece of research which takes the family back to Italy 1700 and beyond.

 THE FIRST GENERATION is as far back as Irene has traced her line and is as follows.

Picinisco - home of the Demarco Clan in Scotland

  • Bartolomeo De Marco married Menega Pignat
  •  Their children were: Marco, Francesco, Domenico, Govanni-23/6/1706, Giov.Maria-24/7/1711 –  DOMENICO is the Direct line
  • Domenico De Marco married Caterina Gaspardo di Faloma
  •  Their children were:, Marco-13/12/1722,  Angela-23/12/1724,  Giobatta-25/1/1726, Anna-18/8/1730 and  Lorenzo-8/2/1737  MARCO is the Direct Line


  • Marco De Marco married Angela Moro
  • Their child was: Domenica-22/99/1753
  •  Marco’s second marriage was to Angela Biasutto,  Their children were:  Pietro-19/9/1756,   Anna-23/8/1762   PIETRO is the direct line


  • Pietro De Marco married Giustina Pin, Their children were, Giovanni (Marchetot)-14/3/1782, Natale-6/9/1787,  Marco-19/6/1794, Batista-28/3/1794,  Guiseppe-no date,  Angela-no date
  • Marco De Marco (industriante ) married Maria Pascutti
  •  Their children were:Elizabetta-7/5/1820,  Pietro-29/8/1822,   Rosa-20/12/1824,   Guiseppe-1/8/1826,   Giobatta-17/1/1829  DIRECT LINE GIOBATTA
  • Giobatta De Marco married Maria Morrasutt
  • Their children were: Regina-19/8/1854,  Andrea 26/1/1856 (Ice Cream maker), Elizabetta 20/2/1860,  Giovanni 28/10/1861, Lucia 6/2/1863. Teresa 22/6/1864, Giacomo 27/10/1867


  •  Andrea De Marco Married Emiglia Demarco (of Paris, 2nd line of Demarco)
  •  Their children were:
  •  Sam, from Andrea’s 1st marriage, (probably Samuele)..not Emiglia’s son
  • Delizia 1890 born Paris
  •  Donato 1896 (?bornPicinisco ) Donald
  •  Annie
  •  Jessie
  •  Maggie
  •  Tony
  •  Mary 1903 (? born Picinisco)Maria
  •  Joseph 1901 (? born, Edinburgh ) Joe
  •  Andrew 1908 (? born Dumfries)
EIGHTH GENERATIONS and BEYOND  – the Scottish connection
  • Delizia De Marco married Tommy McKirdy -  their children were :
  • Tommy McKirdy  (died WW2), Maria McKirdy,, Andrew McKirdy, Delizia McKirdy  and Emilia McKirdy (died aged 4)
  • Mary  McKirdy married Tom McKean (Uncle Tommy’s pal) and had one daughter  Jean – now Banks.   Jean married Jimmy Banks and had Gary, Paul and David
  • Andrew McKirdy married Wilma Miller (1951)   –  Their children are:   Catherine, Delezia, Thomas,  Andrea,   Theresa,   William, and Amanda.  Delizia married Harry Adams - their chidren are Thomas and Karen Adams

 Annie  Demarco married ………….Her children are:   Carmelina,    Delina,    Peter  and    David

  • Carmelina’s children are  Emelia, Lorraine, Anne and Kenny.
  • Emelia has Norma, Sarah, Joanne, Nicola, and James.
  •  Kenny has  Angela Deborah, 1st marriage  Marie and Tony , 2nd marriage
  • David
THE  lines below are at this very moment disconnected from the families above.    Could Billy or Irene please help me out here as I am unsure of the parentage of these Demarco descendants 
  • Jessie
  •  Maggie -  Her child was Hilda - Hilda married James Ormiston .Their children were James, Sandra and one other….
  •  Tony has kids, and he spent  his adulthood in Musselburgh
  • Mary
  •  Maria De Marco married Tommy Demarco-2nd Demarco line.     Their children were Norma and Christine
  •  Norma married Massimo Mozzetti
  • Christine Married then divorced, kept maiden name of Demarco
  •  Joe -  Joe Demarco married Mary Clancy .   Their son Michael Demarco married Jane Kerr  their children were -Irene and David .             GENERATION 8 .     Mike re- married Pauline-Mandy Brent and  they had a son Todd .
  • Irene had a son Brendon with Dean Mare (2nd generation NZ-Italian) GENERATION 9
  •  Irene married and had Shannon and Layla Marie Dally (died aged 3)
  • Brendon has 2 daughters, Georgia, and Chontel (gen 11)
  •  Maggie  –  Her child was Hilda - Hilda married James Ormiston - Their children were James, Sandra and one other….Tony has kids, and was spent adulthood in Musselburgh


  • Thank you to Maja, and her relatives for providing the earlier generation information, found in archives and on graves in Italy.
  1.  There are 2 De Marco/ Demarco lines in this family
  2. They are unrelated except by marriage and then their subsequent children
  3.  The spelling of De Marco, was most likely changed for immigration purposes
  4.   The 2nd line of Demarco comes in where Aunt Norma’s parents were both Demarco.
  5. And I believe Aunt Maggie may have married a Demarco as well?
  6. The cousins of this 2nd Demarco line are:
  7. Related to Tommy De Marco, Aunt Norma’s father, who was married toMary (Maria Demarco)-of the 1st lin
  8. Tommy Demarco’s sister Christina and her husband Gabriele DeMarco had Malmaison DeMarco on the Portobello Pier in the 1930’s
  9. They had a younger brother Carmine.
  10. Gabriele was an uncle of both sides of the Demarco line
  11.  Another Joseph DeMarco (who died 23/7/2010 ) and his brother Andrew Demarco
  12.  Andrew’s daughter name is Cathy

 women who  married to De Marco /DeMarco /Demarco tracing back for the 1600’s  are:

Domenica Rover

Menega Pignat

Guistina Nocine

Maria Sist

Caterina Cirvan

Giovanna dei Rossi

Domenica Mazzon

Maria Brusadin

Margherita Girardo

Lucia  venier

Pasqua Durigon

Pasqua Venier

Madalena Nurissa

Marianna Populin

Anna Andrighetto

Earnesta-teresa Pella

Columba Vianello

Giovanna Tomai

Elizabetta colussi

Angela Brusadin

Luiga Sacilotto

Lucia braidot

Maria Jus


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  1. Cathy Archibald says:


    My grandad was Antonio (Tony) Demarco, his sister Mary had the restaurantin Potobello.
    He had 5 children. Antonio and Margaret who both died very young
    Joe, Andrew and Sheila. Joe never married.
    Andrew married Mary and they had 3 children -Anthony now in Australia, Michelle and Paula
    Sheila married Zenon Ciupik and had one child Catherine

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks for the comment Cathy. I have sent you an e.mail direct. Would love to hear more from you and to see some photos. We are related through this branch via MARY [Maria] Brattesani.

  3. Hi Helen, it’s been a long time since I,ve written , my mum had a cousin called Irend Demarco from Crief then she moved to America. I’m still trying to out if Luigi Demarco is a cousin to my Granda Gerado Demarco Lugi is in all the photos that my had. There was irene and Thelma, Norma and Theo, Demarco. Lugi Cpakadi married my auntie Emily Tartaglia. Take care, Anna Valente.

  4. We are also related to the Pompas in Leith. Anna.

  5. An story, my uncle Rudy was my dads brother, he was asking me about a Norma Demarco from Portobello, and Christina was god daughter to his daughter Gilda he asked me to find out, Gilda lives in Florence, and it goes on. Anna. Valente.

  6. Susan Cauchi says:

    Antonio DeMarco from luca ice cream married Ann McGinty but it ended in divorce..

  7. Susan Cauchi says:

    I also remember a Ralph

  8. mario says:

    my mother Norma De Marco form Maria and Domenico had not only a sister called Cristine but also a brother call Mario who died at the age of 3 of neumonia but is not mentioned in the list.
    Coild you help me to
    understand why?

  9. Helen says:

    Thanks for leaving your comment. This is only a family website which relies on the family to help out with facts like this. I really appreciate your help and will get this mistake rectified. Thank you Helen

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