The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


This little village is next door neighbours to Castelvecchio Pascoli in Barga, Tuscany  .The name originates from Latin, and means district belonging to S. Pietro, the church dating back to 1700 is called Principe degli Apostoli.

The surnames of the village folks are many we find in the neighbouring villages but our own interests are in the Conti and Brucciani surnames originating here.

San Pietro in Campo

The villages that make up the municipality of Barga are all around the town, as if to draw a perfect center. To the north are Bridge Catagnana, Albian, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Sommocolonia Renaio and to the west and San Pietro in Campo Mologno; Lime east to the south Loppia furnaces of Barga, all’Ania Bridge and pedestrians. Starting from the north, a mile long avenue Giovanni Pascoli you get toBridge Catagnana , developed around the bridge over the river Corsonna, a transition towards Albian and Castelvecchio on one side and the other Sommocolonia and Renaio. Albian is 4.7 km from Barga, an ancient Rolandinghi, heavily damaged during World War II. From here, two kilometers along the same here SP7 Castelvecchio Pascoli , named after the poet who lived here until his death. You can visit the house museum of pastures, the church of St. Nicholas and the monument to the fallen of the First World War. Returning to Catagnana Bridge, go up to Sommocolonia , 6 km from the capital. Retains the typical stone houses, the church of San Frediano and the castle ruins.Renaio is located further north, to almost 9 km along the SP11, ideal for nature lovers, mushroom and trekking. In the eastern part of the territory, the village is more important Lime , 6 km along the SP11.Divided into Low and Linden High Linden, was strongly contested between Barga and Lucca. At Lime Other is where the castle stood, the church of San Giusto and the Santissima Annunziata. To the south we find Loppia , 3 km from Barga, in the direction of furnaces.Keep the old church of St. Mary dating from the tenth century. In less than 3 km we are all’Ania Bridge , an ancient border between Modena and Lucca and after here Pedona , situated on a hill with the church of St. Maurice the Martyr. Finally, in the western part of the town, towards the Garfagnana, is located 3 km San Pietro in Campo, a town on the plains, with the homonymous church of the nineteenth century. Along the SS445 reach Mologno , the important railway center Barga-Gallicano.

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  1. Al Conti says:

    I live in Wakefield, RI,USA and I am a decendent of Pietro Conti and Anielo Bacci; Would appreciate any info of current family members and contacts. My grandmother, Teresa Bacci Fiori, was the sister of Luigi Bacci who immigrated to Texas, USA.

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    Recherche famille

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