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DANTE Francesco

Our associationwith  this  well known Italian family are via  Ermenia Quilietti who married her first-cousin Pietro Dante in Rhode Island 1900.  Their mothers were both sisters, Brucciani being their surname.

Francesco Dante was the son of Christopher Dante and Annunziate Bacci.

Marriana's marriage

They were from Barga

Francesco Dante's marriage

The family moved to the village of CASTELVECCHIO PASCOLI, just a mile or so up the next mountain.     Frank  married   Marianni Brucciani, in Barga on the 14th May 1966.  Marianni was  also  known as Annie Theresa Dante Brucciani.   She was the  sister of our own Eletta Brucciani.

The Dante family  made their way to Rhode Island circa 1882.    They  were one of the first  from our family  to settle  there.

The Danty [Dante] family are documented as arriving in the U.S.A. when we find Francesco Dante with his son  Enrico Dante, as being absent from their villiage and already  in America. Other members of their family are documented here above.

The year they emigrated was 1882 and their first destination we believe was Baltimore.   They operated a fruit business for many years.  Their son Pietro Dante was their eldest son and we know that he travelled the Atlantic Ocean on more than one occasion returning back home to Italy.

The Fruit business was to be his chosen profession in Pawtucket and the family  worked from several addresses over the years, although he was a confectioner and a clerk according to the yearbooks of the district.

  • Elsie Dante recalls her young life and 338 North Main Street, the residence of her grandparents.  ‘338 North Main Street, it was an old shack, I didn’t like it, it stank of mould didn’t it [asking Alma].  It wasn’t that big, but there was a tenement at the back through.   It wasn’t nice at all.   I don’t know how they stayed there all those years.’
The Dante family resided for a while in San Francisco, the year 1920, but they returned to Rhode Island.

When the Dante girls recalled their childhood, they did so with great vivid memories.

In the year 1904 Frank died age 65.  He is buried in Mt. St. Mary’s Cemetery in the town.

Annie Theresa died on 23rd May 1929 age 85 years.

Return of a Death of Annie theresa Danty or Dante.

One of Frank’s daughter’s, married into the Aurilio family.   This family originated in Borgo val da Tora, the Brattisani homeland.

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