The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

ROCCHI connection Barga

MARIA ALLESSANDRA ROCCHI  was  our 4th Great Grandmother.  She was born in Castelvecchio Pascoli and married Giuseppe Brucciani.

The 1799 Castelvecchio census  tells us that there were only 350 people living in the village at the time. The old family names are all there and include Brucciani, Pelligrini, Menconi, Bertolini, Brogi, Adami, Lazzarini, Conti, Casci, Nardini, Pieroni and many more.

The village of Castelvecchio Pascoli with the Church of St. Nicoli’. There is a magnificant view from the Church
Our lovely friend Don Bencivenni.

The names are familiar to us and the Priest was Giuseppe Giovanelli.   She had a brother Santino Rocchi who married Maria Giovanna Nanni in Castelvecchio.   Their children were Giovanni Domenico Rocchi, Giovanni M…..Rocchi and Giovanna B     Rocchi

Taken in 2005 in the Church in Castelvecchio

Today the village has few residents and is still very picturesque

old property in Castelvecchio. Perhaps our ancestors lived here

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