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STANTON Sutherland Davie and family

The Sutherland line connected with our family is via Denis Stanton.   His mother was Mary Sutherland.   Davie Sutherland is her brother.   He is the last remaining child of  Jamie Sutherland and Elizabeth Colman.  He was born in 1933 in a tenement at 27 Marschall Street, in Edinburgh’s southside.

Two Sutherland brothers, Jimmy and Davie on the right.


Davie with some of his family

With his beloved Hearts Team Trophy 2015

Ryan, Davie and Kyle Sutherland,

Graham and Davie  Sutherland with their local  Fitbaw Team

Graham and Michael Sutherland



The Sutherland/Wood clan 

Davie with sister in law Mary Sutherland

2016 the newest members with Uncle Davie Sutherland showing them off.  Ruben and Aaron

Davie with his grandson Ruben

Ryan with his son Ruben


Nicola with her partner

Aaron is Nicola’s son

Davie with the youngest members of the  Sutherland Clan

Aaron with his great uncle Graham Sutherland

Tracey’s family

Girlies of the family

Ruben Sutherland





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