The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

MORRISON Sandy 1950-2017

Sandy or Alexander John Morrison was born on 21st April 1950 at 79 Niddrie Mains Terrace in Edinburgh. He was the son of Eddie Morrison and Joyce Pollock Edmond. This address was where Jeannie Quilietti lived and she did a bit of midwifery. So it is possible that Sandy was delivered by her.

Sandy’s first wife was lovely Caroline Cranston. They married in 1978. They had two daughters Clare and Laura [tbc]. However the marriage was not to last. Sandy was a ‘character’ and liked his time with the beer. So they divorced in 1990.

It was around the time of his divorce that he met up with his second cousin Paddy Morrison. Their fathers were cousins. They had one son Scott 1990.

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