The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

GIULIANOTTI Nicodemo line

  • This branch of the Giulianotti family come from a village just to the south  of Borgotora called Valdena 
    The village of Valdena belongs to the municipality of Borgo Val di Taro, in the province of Parma, region Emilia-Romagna.  

The village of Valdena is 4.54 kilometers far from the same town of Borgo Val di Taro to whom it belongs.  The local Church is S. Maria Assunta and the village today has some 80 parishiners

It was here that NICODEMO VALENTINO GIULIANOTTI was born on 11th February 1848.  He married  ROSA TERESA ZANRE’ (1847-1896).   There is  much social interaction between these lines  and we find brothers and sisters as well as cousins  from both sets of family marrying.

CHILDREN – all born in Valdema

  1. ALDINA ANNUNZIATA MARIA GIULIANOTTI   born 1870.  She married Domenico Luigi Giulianotti – whose line goes back to Biagi 1760 – the line predominent in all  Giulianotti descendants.  
Shared heritage

Biagio is to where the majority of known Giulianotti descendants in Scotland go – a shared lineage.

2. FERDINANDO SILVESTRI GIULIANOTTI was born on 27th December 1871

3. GABRIELE GIULIANOTTI was born in 1872.  Must have died at birth

4. GABRIELE PIETRO GIULIANOTTI was born on 1st March 1974 and died on 8th October 1874.

5. GABRIELE PIETRO GIULIANOTTI was born on 18th September 1875.  His fate unknown.

6.  NICODEMO GIULIANOTTI was born on 2nd May 1876.   Nicodemo   married Matilda Becci in Borgatoro on 6th February 1902.  Their children were  


7.  Luigi Domenico Giulianotti  was born on 21st September 1879 in Valdema. On 16th April 1910  he married Amabile Rossi (1891-1942) whose family were also from the Borgotora area.  They left for   Aberdeen where he met up with cousins and   settled very well into the profession of confectioners and restranteurs.  In Scotland their children were born.

  • PRIMO TRANQUIL GIULIANOTTI was born on 1st May 1911 in Aberdeen.  He married Anita Berni – I have no further information on this line.
  • Son Geraldo Valenarde Giulianotti  was born in 1913 in Aberdeen.   He married Alice Hunter in Aberdeen Catholic Church on 26th January 1933. 
  • ROBERT ALFONSO GIULIANOTTI was born on 8th September 1916.  He married Margaret Shields.

8. GIUSEPPE ERNESTO GIULIANOTTI was born on 11th June 1882 in Valdena.  He married Angela Becca in Italy on 5th February 1902. 

9.  MARIA CELESTINA GIULIANOTTI was born in Italy on 18th July 1885.  On 28th April 1910 she married Marco Fuggacia in Valdena.  Fuggacia is another family who is intertwined in many branches.

Baptism records of the Giulianotti family from the archives in Italy, shared by one of the Zanre descendants.

10. Eugenio Giulianotti was born on 1st November 1892 in Valdena.   He married Rosa Delmaestro.  Again they settled in Aberdeen.   They had four children

  1. SANTINO GIULIANOTTI   was born in Italy in 1917.  He died in Aberdeen on 31st January 2007.

  2. Eugenio Giulianotti was born in Aberdeen in 1921.  He died in Aberdeen on  8th May 2005. 
  3. Dino Giulianotti was born in Aberdeen in 1924 and died in Aberdeen on 4th April 1998.  He married 
  4. Amelio Giulianotti  was born in 1921 and died age 7 in 1928.

11. TRANQUILLIO GIOVANNI GIULIANOTTI was born on 20th July 1888 in Valdena and his confirmation took place on 23 June 1897 when he was 10.  Not sure if he changed his name to Victor and came to Aberdeen.  This has to be confirmed. 

Would really appreciate if some of the Giulianotti family would like to contribute any of their photos or stories.  Thank you.  Helen 



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  1. Norah Wood says:

    My husband’s great great grandparents on his mother’s Giulianotti side were Nicodemo Giulianotti and Matilde Becci. I have a few photographs of the graves taken when we visited Linda in Valdena. Is it possible to give me contact details for Lynda Giulianotti mentioned above.

  2. Helen says:

    sorry about the delay in replying. I am trying to find contact details amongst my stuff. will send on via your e.mail as soon as I find.

  3. Fernando Miranda Moscatelli says:

    Hello, I’m Fernando Miranda Moscatelli from GIULIANOTTI Moscatelli Bergamaschi line. My maternal grandmother was Maria Domenica Giulianotti, daughter of Antonio Giulianotti and Elizabeta Landini. I would like to get in touch with more people in my family line, they can find me on facebook as or by my

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