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ANGELA’S lost photos 3


These precious photos were donated to our family website by Angela Giulianotti,  daughter of Antonio Giulianotti, grandaugher of  Giulio Giulianotti and Rose Brattesani.

These children will be either Giulianotti ,Costella , Fusco, Quilietti or Brattesani children born at the start of the 1900s in either Aberdeen  or Edinburgh or their immediate areas.

The lost boys now identified – see comments below.

If you recognise yourself, your dad, your grandad or grandmaw amongst these please feel free to let us know.  Thank you all.   Here we go

The first photo is of a beautiful little girl

Full outfit, all dressed up

who was dressed like a porcelain doll.

The next photo is of another beautiful child, a boy perhaps this time,

Who am I- I am Luigi Mario Pietro Costella, when I was older I was known as Louie.  This photo was taken of me when I was about 9 months old in 1923

he was posing on a rug. He was a real handsome chap.

The next one is of another bonny baby,

Who are you talkin to.

perhaps a boy, or perhaps a girl, who knows……

These three siblings were photographed in Edinburgh.   The photographic Artist was J. Drummond Shiels.

Edinburgh siblings circa 1900 now confirmed as three of the Quilietti children, Giulio, Leonardo and Valentina Maria

They had premises at 72 Lauriston Place and also 49 Jamaica Street in Glasgow.  The children in the photo below look like they are the same family,

Bonnie kiddies

what do you think

Yes, I was also chopped up
This boy is Anthony Giulianotti, born 1915, youngest son of Rosa and Giulio Giulianotti
Do you recognise me

The next two photos had been cut up, so we will call them the chopped boys 1 and 2

Very Pretty little Girl

Now another girl, a very pretty blonde haired girl in fact, she could be a Brattessani, as many of this branch were fair haired from the north of  Italy around Borgotora in the Parma region.  This child may be Eva Louise Brattessani.

Next another fair haired baby.

This was taken in Glasgow. Photographer Robert Turnbull.

Who could the baby be

More boys now all probably siblings we will call them lost boys 1,

I am Lost Boy No. 1  My name is Davino Meconi.  My niece Anne Marie has just identified me.   My brothers are  in the photographs below.  My dad came to Scotland from a little hamlet called Diecimo, just outside Lucca.

lost boys 2,

I am Lost Boy No. 2  I also have just been identified as Amadeo Meconi. My daughter Anne-Marie has identified this ‘lost’ photo.

lost boys 3

I am lost boy 3.  I am  Peter Meconi

and lost boys 4

I am Lost Boy 4.  Robero Meconi Thank you Anne- Marie Meconi for confirming who was who with these two brothers

The next two boys again look like brothers, a photograph taken at school perhaps with their uniforms on.

If they were in Aberdeen their knees must have been chittering that day.

Siblings unknown dressed for the Camera

These younger boys may have been brothers or even brother and sister.   Boys in those days were often dressed up with tunics and because they were babies it was difficult to determine what gender they were, especially if their hair hadn’t grown in yet.   The younger boy is very fair but of course both the Giulianotti and Brattesani families came from the Parma region where fair hair was commonplace.   The shoes on the older boy look like they have been well worn……..

This next photograph is the baby seated above, may have been taken on the day of his/her baptism.

A beautiful gown

Me again, just showing off the rug I am Luigi Mario Pietro Costella and this was taken in 1923 when I was 9 months old
LUIGI MARIO PIETRO COSTELLA, taken 1929. Wasn’t he a wee charmer

It is me again, just to show you my rug.  Perhaps these photographs were taken at the same photography studio in Aberdeen.

Now another pretty girl,


standing on a chair.

The next photo is of three siblings, three brothers.  Their dress is similar to the dress of the four boys photographed above

Three siblings

but this is a more informal family group.

Me again, close up this time

Now close up of the boys

And Me again
and last, but of course not least it's me.
And me, I am the most handsome of course

Please leave a comment if you recognise anyone here.

Me and my Doggy. My name is Raymond Giulianotti

And we will be extremely happy to welcome you into our ever growing family. Helen

4 Responses to “ANGELA’S lost photos 3”

  1. louise jane costella (MRS.SMITH) says:

    Hi its me again!! unlike my dad i have no fur rug… it is the late Luigi Mario Pietro Costella(Louie) 2nd son of of Louisa Maria Brattisani married to Pietro Costella from borgo val di taro. I think my dad said he was about 9 months old when it was taken so around about 1923.

    louise jane costella Mrs Smith)

  2. Anne-Marie Meconi says:

    Lost Boy 1 – Davino Meconi
    Lost Boy 2 – Amadeo Meconi

    Amadeo Meconi was my father. His brothers were Davino, Peter and Roberto Meconi.

    My grandfather Amadeo Meconi is in the first group photograph taken in 1925. He came from Diecimo a small village outside Lucca.

  3. Helen says:

    Thank you Anne-Marie for sending us the information. Did your grandfather work with the Giulianotti family? The families must have been very close as Rosa still had these photographs in her possession, handed down to Angela.
    I will happily insert a bit about your grandfather if you would let me know a wee bit about him. My own gggrandfather originated from Vorno, another small village outside Lucca. It is a beautiful area.

    You can email me direct on if you want to chat. Thanks for taking the time to comment

  4. Anne-Marie Meconi says:


    Please note amendment for photo descriptions.

    Lost Boy 1 – Davino Meconi is not my Father, he is my Uncle.

    My Father is Lost Boy 2 Amadeo Meconi.

    Many thanks


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