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NICOLA ARPINO was born  in the year 1917.  His mother was Angelina Quilietti and his father Giovanni Battista Arpino.

Nicola was named after his great uncle Nicola Arpino who was the brother of Francesca Arpino Quilietti.


His first marriage was in St. Patrick’s R.C. Church in the Cowgate, Edinburgh to Jessie Amelia Dickson.   Jessie’s father was a fish restaunteaur and the family lived in Dalkeith Road, Edinbugh.    They married just at the start of the War on 8th November 1939.

 The break up of their marriage we were told was due to his womanising….his Italian genes of course

According to Mary Hunter Nicolo was a great entertainer and was always up to no good.   He was the winner of the T.T. Races which has something to do with motorbikes.  He also had many girlfriends and one in particular who he met after the breakup with his wife Jessie.

 She was Maria Teresa  Chiesa with whom they shared a daughter.  Her name was Amalia Rosanna Chiesa, with no father’s name presented on her birth lines.     Their daughter Amalia Roseanna Arpino  was born on 30th July 1947.  Amalia married in 1981 to Peter Thomson Rodger

Nicolo and Maria married in 1961.  The relationship with Maria was according to Mary quite  peculiar.  Maria lived in Italy and Nicola who was a great collector of antiques would send her many pieces over for their home there.  However according to Mary she also grew tired of him and he ended up with none of his precious antiques.


Nicolo tragically  died at a tender age 53 years of carbon monoxide poisoning on the Gifford Road in East Lothian.  This event Mary described as a very sad time in her life.  Maria Teresa Chiesa died  26th February 1992 age 76.

Jessie and Nicolo had one son RONALD  NICOL ARPINO who was born in the year 1949.  Ronald married on 14th September 1959 to Ann Ford Blakely.  They were both only eighteen years of age.   



 They have four children


    Ron Arpino


  • MICHAEL ALAN ARPINO was born in the year 1962.  He married Lorna May Yorkston in 1984.  They have two children Michael William Arpino  born in 1985 and Gary Keith Arpino born in the year 1994.
  • DEREK PETER ARPINO born 1966.

     Derek married Michelle Wood in 1989 and they have three children.   Nicky Arpino was born in 1989.  Hayley Arpino was born in 1990 and Derek Keith Arpino was born in 1992.  

    Nicky later changed her name to the surname Wood.  She married Dale Laird in 2007


    He is now engaged to Nic and has a little girl called Shannon

  • ANNE MARIE ARPINO was born in 19th June 1971.   She married Keith Baird on 20th August 1993.   Witness was Michele Arpino.

These facts were given to us by Mary Arpino Hunter in the late 1990s.  If any of the family would like to contribute to their pages here on the website please contact Helen

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