The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

SAN VINCENZO, di Borgo Val Di Taro, PARMA, Italy

The Home, the roots of the Brattisani family is in a small village called di Borgo val Di Taro, near Rovinaglia, Parma, Emilia Romagna Italy.   This is where the roots of the family lie and still lie as there are descendants with this surname living in this area even today.

View over the Village

It lies in a beautiful region in North Eastern Italy.

We have learned this fact from Luigi Tagliavino who is the son of Luisa Brattesani who had her origins in San Vincenzo in the vicinity of Rovinaglia.  Luigi’s grandfather travelled frequently to Scotland and worked with his cousins in various parts of Scotland.   This would confirm that the Scottish branches of the family are all very much.

The area is known locally for its Fungi or mushrooms .


Giuseppe Brattesani, the father of Valentina would also have originated from this region.  Joe was born in 1841 and was one of the first Italians from this region to emigrate to Scotland.   London of course was the first choice for many immigrants and the Clerkenwell Colony was a home from home for them.

But for whatever reasons our branches of both sides of our families chose beautiful Scotland as their new home.

Giuseppe was one of at least six children we have traced to date.  There was Giuseppe, David, Angelo, Giulio and Giovanni.    Angelo’s son Sante was to play a great role in our Quilietti family history.

  • a few facts from Pete Cura who left these links for us
  • The Brattesani family set yo businesses in and around Scotland. 
  •  Giovanni followed Giuseppe to Scotland.    His eldest daughter,  Adelena Brattesani married Giovanni Cura and settled in Cupar in Fife.    Giovanni’s  youngest Jimmy and Ena ran Brattesani’s Ice Cream and Chip Shop in Anstruther in Fife [the famous one] .  
  • David Brattesani and Mary ran a shop and billiard room in Edzell.
  • There was Peter and Carolina who had a shop in Crail

Map of Borgo Val di Taro

Santi Brattissani married his first cousin Valentina Bratissani Quilietti, after the death of her first-husband Emilio Quilietti.

The 1901 Scottish Census shows us that Valentina had moved to a large flat at 9 Greenside Place, Edinburgh, and with her in the flat, along with her Quilietti children, were many of the Brattisani family.

Santi was two years younger than Valentina and we know that he was here with his brother and uncles at that time.  Whether the marriage was arranged by the fathers of the two or whether they had an affection for each other we will never know.

1901 Scottish Census showing Valentina and her cousin Sante

We do know however that the marriage was disastrous for everyone.   Valentina had four years of stillbirths almost certainly caused by the cousin-relationship between them.   She died in the aftermath of her last stillbirth in 1905.   The Quilietti children were then brought up by their aunt Louisa Brattesani who looked after them in the flat at 9 Greenside Place.  This remained so for many years.   Sante returned to Italy where he died in the 1920s.

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  1. John Brattesani says:

    My grandfather Celeste Brattesani came to Edinburgh Scotland in 1907 to workin the family restuarant at Toll Cross.My father was Angelo. We think that some of the family went to Aberdeen Scotland, others had fish and chips shops in Anstruther,Fife, Scotland,

    My father’s sisters moved to New York in the early 1940s and married, one to a Roskowski possibly Rosko.

    Any info much appreciated

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks for the comments. I am delighted to welcome you into our family website and will add anything you wish to be included. I will contact you via e.mail. Helen

  3. Pete Cura says:

    Ciao tutti,
    Thanks for this, its’ absolutley fascinating.
    I have a hunch that the ‘John’ or Giovanni mentioned in the third paragraph may have been my Great Grandfather but according to my father he may have been born in America, (as was my maternal Grandfather Attilio Dellanzo who’s family hailed from Rovinaglia),and did visit his brother there at a later date.
    However,I am told he had several children for whom he set up businesses around Scotland. The eldest being my Grandmother Adelena who married my Grandfather Giovanni Cura and settled in Cupar,Fife. The youngest Jimmy and Ena ran Brattisani’s Ice cream and Chip shop in Anstruther,Fife
    It seems he left a brother and sister in each as Dave and Mary ran a shop and billiard room in Edzell and I didn’t realise I had an Uncle Peter and aunt Carolina in Crail until the former passed away. The only one I think is still alive is Jean. There may have been more.
    They were all first cousins with Louisa Tagliavino who I always visit when on ‘Hallowed Ground’. I think I’ve only met her son Luigi on one occasion.
    My mother’s Maternal and Father’s Paternal liniage are from Buzzo over the valley near Gotra and Albareto.. But that’ another story altogether.

    It’s been great teaming up with you all.
    Hope to speak again soon.
    All the best. Pete

  4. Helen says:

    The 1911 Scottish Census confirms that Giovanni was born in America circa 1880. He is shown here with his wife and eight children. The address 254 High Street, Anstruther in Fife.

  5. Susan Alpi Dixon says:

    I’m trying to find the names of my great grandparents, My grandparents are Savino Alpi
    born 1896, and Celestina Brattesani born 1899, on my dad’s side. On my mom’s side, Giovanni Giulianotti born 1891 and Angelina Devincenzi 1890’s? Hope you can help! All born in Italy in the Parma or Borgo Taro area.

  6. Helen says:

    Hello and thanks for leaving your most interesting comment. Hope one of our cousins can help here. Good news is there are many now who have been researching. Did your family stay in Borgo or emigrate also.

  7. Helen says:

    What a great comment Pete. Am so happy you have your first hand information. It is always great to hear from the family themselves, who know so much more than myself. It can get a bit confusing when there are so many with the same names. I will go in now and try and connect the family ties. Would love to hear from you regarding your direct line.

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