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ARPIN0 Emilia 1916-2007

EMILIA ARPINO was the daughter of Angelina Quilietti and Giovanni Arpino.

She was born during the First World War on 6th July 1916 at 302 High Street, Linlithgow.

Quoting from Mary Arpino Hunter.

My sister and I were very close, we did everything together.  For a while Amelia worked in the fish and chip shops with her cousin Nardo Quilietti and they remained close for many years.

In the year 1938 she married into the Crawford clan.  [ Sorry, We do not his forename. ]   They moved to Edinburgh and lived in Broughton Street in the centre of the City.

They had two children

  • CHARLES CRAWFORD, who according to Mary lived in Penicuik
  • JOHN CRAWFORD. who according to Mary had two sons who both became Policeman.   They lived in Bonnyrigg.

If any of Emilia’s descendents can help with this part of our family history please be in touch with Helen.

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  1. Christopher Crawford says:

    Hi , i am Emilia’s great grandson. Any information you would like, please feel free to ask. Thanks

  2. Helen says:

    Hello Christopher. I welcome you into the family of course. I have no information or photos of your side of the family. Any information you would wish to share would be very welcome. If you could e.mail me on that would be just so wonderful. Thank you for getting in touch with us

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