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The Donati family and our Quilietti family are connected via the Brucciani sisters.

The Donati family also came from Barga and Bagni De Lucca in Italy.

The Donati family were documented as already living in Edinburgh in the 1881 Scottish Census.  Gostini Donati was resident in Edinburgh’s Old Town at a flat at No. 9 Niddry Street, which is just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  With him was his wife ERMERLINDA DONATI, his cousins Raffaello Conti, Goseph Conti and Peter Pierotti.  Gostini was the anchoring point for the exodus of the branches of our family who came to Scotland.

The Donati double lair at Mount Vernon R.C. Cemetery, Edinburgh


These cousins are all described as figure makers and all born in Italy.  The Conti connections we know because Eletta Brucciani’s mother was a Conti.  Pierotti however is a new connection.   He was most probably also connected via the Brucciani/Conti connections.





In the villiage circa 1820-30  there were at least three Donati brothers, Antonio, Benedetto and Giovanni. The family were masters in the craft of marble and stucco and their trade was their lifelines in their new countries.

PIETRO DONATI was the brother who married Maria Domenica Brucciani, the sister of our Great Great Grandmother Eletta,  and they came to Edinburgh, Scotland.  One of their grand- sons became a priest and was Canonised in Edinburgh.

Then we have Cesare Donati who also came to Scotland.   He married Margaret Horsburgh, a Scottish girl.   They had four sons who worked in Dundee and Edinburgh.

Louis Donati married into the Ceccini clan.  He died age 47 at South College Street, Edinburgh.

There was also a sister Carubina Donati.   She married her first-cousin Giovanni Donati.  He was born on 24th June 1825 in Bagni De Lucca.

They married in Italy and they left for Richmond ,Virginia, America and was working there as a confectioner in the year 1877.  He had a short life however and died on 24th June 1882 age 57 years.   Carubina died in 1888.  They had two sons Andrew Adolph Donati and Vittorio Carlo Donati who were born in America.   Their descendents are still there today.


The family lived in the region around Barga in beautiful Tuscany.

Our  own relationship with the brothers Donati is through Antonio who married Annunciata Ricci in Italy circa 1830.   We know about four of their children although there must have been more.


There was a great exodus from Italy and especially from the region of Carrara around about the year 1885-1888 and many skilled craftsmen masters in the skills of marble left home to escape the hardships of the unification of Italy.. Many took up their arts as figurine makers.   Pietro Donati was one of these men. He left with his wife and family and they found there way to Scotland’s Capital, Edinburgh.

The couple  had five children who were born in Barga and we found them at first in the Scottish 1891 census with their youngest daughter Nunciata [mis-spelt] as being born in the year 1886 in Italy.  We know that the family travelled from Italy circa 1887 and travelling with them also was my own great grandfather Emilio Quilietti and his brother Augusto.   They were nephews of the family of course.  Also with them was Pietro’s sister Annunciata Donati.   She was witness at the wedding of Emilio in 1892 in Edinburgh.


Shortly after the evening of the census which was  5/6 April,  they had another baby who was born on 1st May 1891 in their family home at 145 Canongate, Edinburgh.   The child only lived for one year.  She is interred in the same plot as my great grandfather Emilio Quilietti..

In 1901 we find the family having moved from the historic Royal Mile in Edinburgh, which buildings were really slum tenements at the time to an address further up the hill at 10 West Preston Street, Newington, Edinburgh.   They lived here for a while later moving to 5 Keir Street, Edinburgh.

What happened to their children.

  1. VITTORIO DONATI, never married.  He changed his profession to a Stovemaker.  He moved to the west of Scotland where his sister had gone to live  after her marriage. His usual residence was 224 Renfrew Street, Glasgow.  He died age 74 with an acute cerebrial hemorrhage in a home in Greenock.
  2. ANNUNZIATA DONATIwas born on 2nd February 1886 in Italy.  Her father’s profession in Scotland was lucrative and he earned enough that she might have a good education.   She became a schoolteacher. In the year 1911 she married to another Italian immigrant by the name of Colombo Arcari.  Colombo, like a lot of the new immigrants including my own great grandfather took up the profession of confectioners and ice cream manufacturers. The Scots have traditionally been lovers of anything sweet and the canni Italians were soon to catch on and learn that this was a real moneymaking profession in their new homeland. They married at St. Columbas R.C. Church, Upper Gray Street, Edinburgh, on 29th August 1911. This branch of the Arcari family had settled in Glasgow and his address was given as 487 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.   There were however  brothers of the Arcari family who settled in Edinburgh.   His father was Archili Arcari, Confectioner and Maria Assunta Faccenda..
  3. EMMA DONATI was born in 1885 in Italy.  In the year 1910 she married LUIGI SANTE POMETTI.  Luigi was also a confectioner by trade and his family had settled just outside Edinburgh in a village called Newtongrange.  His address was gaiven as 5 Loan Road, Newtongrange.  Like her sisters before her she was married in St. Columbus R.C. Church in Newington, Edinburgh.
  4. EDA DONATIHave still to trace
  5. ADOLFO DONATIAdolfo was born  in 1880 in Barga, Italy.  He was named after his cousin Adolfo Quilietti.  Adolfo married on 22nc  June 1898 in the County Buildings Ayr. Ayr is a long distance from Edinburgh on the West Coast of the country.  We know that other branches of the Brucciani family had settled in Ayr and remembering of course that his mother was also a Brucciani then we must assume that he travelled down to be with them here. He married a Scottish girl called Annie Louchlin who also came from the south side in Edinburgh address given as 21 Blair Street.  .  Their marriage was not in the R.C. Church but in the County Buildings Registrars Office in Ayr. Adolfo was a confectioner’s assistant at the time of his wedding age 21.  Annie was one year older than him at age 22. Their marriage was fruitful
  1. MARY DONATIwas born on 7th October 1900 at 21 Blair Street, Edinburgh.  Have dedicated page to Mary Donati.  Mary married an Irishman Francis Connor.  Their children were  Francis, Peter Adolpho, Maureen and Albert Edward
    ANNIE DONATI was born on 3rd November 1901 at 21 Blair Street, Edinburgh
  2. IDA DONATI was born on 18th July 1907 at 40 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh.  She died on 5th November 1968.   She never married.
  3. EMMA DONATI was born on 3rd March 1912 at 32 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh. She died on 26th October 1994 age 82.  Emma married Peter Hughes on July 15th 1940.  We have found three children to date.    PAULINE MARY HUGHES was born on 8th December 1942.  VALERIE ANNE HUGHES was born on 13th April 1941 and PETER ALEXANDER HUGHES was born on 18th September 1947.  Valerie became a nurse and moved down to Dumfries where she met and married William Martin on 9th November 1963.  They have one daughter Fiona Clare Martin who was born in 1964.
  4. ANNUNZIATA DONATI was born on 8th February 1914 at 5 Keir Street, Edinburgh Annunziata married James John Albert Hickeyin 1937  and it was her brother Peter who married the couple.  They married in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Lauriston, Edinburgh. James  was an upholsterer by trade.   They lived at 38 Pencaitland Terrace, Penicuik, which is a village just outside Edinburgh. She died on 1st September 1978 at the CityHospital, Edinburgh.  They  have at least one son called P. Hickey who was mentioned on the death certificate of his mother in 1978.
  • 6.  PETER DONATI was born in 1904.  He became THE VERY REVEREND CANON PETER DONATI .  We therefore assume that he had no issue!!  He died on 5th November 1968 age 79.  To be Canonised must have been a great joy for his family.
  • 7.  WILLIAM DONATI died in infancy
  • 8.  ANNUNZIATA who also died in infancy it is common for later children to take the names of elder siblings who have previously died.


The family have a lair in EdinburghMount VernonR.C.Cemetery Section K 832/834.   Maria Brucciani lies here with her children.   We do not know where Peter was buried.  He is not on the headstone in the cemetery..

THE DONATI family in Scotland

The branches of the Donati family whose families came to Scotland are as follows;-

  1. ANTONIO DONATI who married ANNUNCIATA RICCI – our branch as described above.

Four of their children came to Scotland.

  1. Pietro mentioned above
  2. Annunciata – we know she came but are unsure of her destiny.  She was witness at Emilio Quilietti’s wedding in 1892
  3. Louis Donati.  He also went into the confectionery business and also settled in Edinburgh his address given at 5 South College Street, only a couple of minutes walk away from Chambers Street where his brother Pietro had his Plastering business.  He died in the year 1897 with Pietro at his side.   It was Hogmany on 31st December.  The cause of his death was given as pheumonia and  cardiac failure.  Born in the year 1850 he was 47 years old.  He left a wife Rosa Cecchini.  We are unsure of any descendents
  4. Cesare Donati.  Born in the year 1865 brother Cesare was also described as a Stucco Maker.  He married a Scottish girl Margaret Horsburgh in the year 1890.  Margaret lived in the centre of Edinburgh in Haddington Place, just off Leith Walk.   The couple moved to Dundee where they married with witnesses at their wedding described as Luigi Pieri, figure maker and Lorenzo Piolo, figure maker.  Cesare went on in life and like so many of his cousins went into the restaurant business.  They moved back to Edinburgh and started their business in Leith walk.  He died in 1910 at 42 Brunswick Road, Edinburgh.  His wife died in 1941 address given as 2 Corstorphine Hill Crescent, Edinburgh.  They had two children
  • ROBERT ANTHONY DONATI was the first child born a month before their marriage on 1st November 1890 in Dundee.  He married in the year 1922 with occupation given as fruit merchant and living at 119 Easter Road, Edinburgh to MARIE MORAN who was his shop assistant at the time.  Robert Anthony however went on to become a commercial artist and sign writer.  He died in 1964 age 73 from his mother’s address in Corstorphine.  Unsure if the couple had any issue
  • CESARE ALEXANDRE DONATI born 11th July 1892 at 2 Drummond Street, Edinburgh.  His occupation was given as Hotel Boots on both his marriage and death certificates. He worked at the time of his marriage at the Marine Hotel, North Berwick.    He married Marion Ferguson and we have traced one daughter called Hilda Cox who in the year 1972 was living at 7/6 Oxgangs Drive, Edinburgh.  Her proper name is Margaret Matilda Donati and she was born on 22nd January 1923 at 119 Easter Road, Edinburgh.  Cesare served in the army and died in the War Memorial Hospital in Peebles, Scotland on 25th February 1972.


  • JOHN WILLIAM CURRIE DONATI was born in 1896 and died the following year due to convulsions whilst teething. family have a lair in EdinburghMount VernonR.C.Cemetery Section K 832/834.


  1. Vic Donati says:

    Giovanni and Carubina Donati are my paternal great, great grandparents. Vittorio Carlo Donati was my great grandfather. James Andrew Donati was my grandfather and Victor C, Donati was my father. I have much information about this family should anyone be interested.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks and of course I am very much interested in the Donati family. I will insert your post and reply to you by e.mail. Thanks again Helen

  3. Dale Donati says:

    My grandfather was born in Barga, Italy in 1892 and came to America in 1910. He was sponsored by the Pieroni family and eventually ended up in Muncie, IN. There is still a Carlos living in Barga and Scotland.

  4. Helen says:

    Thank you Dale for getting in touch. Your grandfather would have been related to our branch of the Donati family in some way or another, I am sure. d What was your grandfather’s forename.

  5. helen currie says:

    My grandfather was william currie who worked at the Marine Hotel in north berwick. Was there a conection in the naming of baby John? My grandfather was married to sarah who also worked at Marine hotel. William Currie died about 1936 in North Berwick.

  6. Jenny says:

    Thanks for this page, it has helped find some ancestors. My Dad’s great grandad was Pietro Donati, his grandad was Adolfo Donati, his mother was Mary Donati. She married Francis Connor and had four children; Francis, Peter Adalpho (my Dad), Anthony, Edward.

  7. Helen says:

    Hello Jenny I am just thrilled to pieces that you have found us through these webpages. Our families are linked way back to Italy in the 1850s where the Brucciani family lived at the time.

    I have sent you a wee e.mail and hope that you will get back in touch. I have worked it out through our ancestry tree. You and I are 4th cousins.

  8. RG says:

    I am first born American from Scottish and English parents and was involved with a ‘Donati’ descendant originally from Italy and later from Argentina. Intersting information you have provided here and certainly something to chuckle about considering I thought how differenet we were! Thanks and best wishes to all.

  9. Josephine Frances Connor says:

    Jenny – please email me at We are cousins. My father was Albert Edward (Ted) – your father’s brother. Sadly, he died in 1988 at age 57. My grandmother was Mary Donati and after her marriage to Francis Connor dissolved, she married Harold Ross. They did not have any children. I never met your father or brothers, but my father told me he met Peter and Tony. He also had a sister named Maureen and she became a nun, but later left the order to marry. I’d love to hear more from you and from any other relatives here. I have no information about Francis Connor’s side of the family or much about him really and would love to know more.

  10. Josephine Frances Connor says:

    I’d like to add that I remember being introduced to some cousins in Dalkeith when I was a child. They were the Luchessi family and I was told that their ancestors had come to Scotland with the Donati family. I have not seen them for decades as I moved overseas.Does anyone know of them?

  11. Helen says:

    Hello Jenny have had another ancestor of this line in touch. Will e.mail you directly

  12. Lucy Harrison says:

    Hi Helen
    I believe we are related. My grandfather was Francis Connor, son of Mary Donati. If you get this message please get in touch!

  13. Jo says:

    Sending love and light to all my relatives around the world. May you be well and

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