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ANGELA’S lost photos 8

This is the last of the photos donated and sponsored by Angela.  Let’s see if we recognise anyone from these.

Young lady posing for this photograph

The next three photographs are of unknown gentlemen.  There is no clues to whether they were taken in Edinburgh or Aberdeen, but perhaps someone recognises their relatives here

Unknown gent 1
Another unknown gent
Third unknown gent
A Day Out
Beautiful little girl
Back of the Card of the beautiful little girl.
Update on this. With the help of our Facebook group Scottish Italian Research, Kieran Allan and Diana Zanoni who translated for me

Dearest friend,
It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you, I hope that you are all well, as we all are for now. I have no news to give you. I wish you all a very happy, holy Christmas, with best wishes from Cesare, and from Anna, who is growing ever naughtier, you can see her in the photograph. 
I send you my eternal affection, 
love and kisses, from your friend who remembers you always 
Marietta Venturini
(I have written down an approximate translation – as people expressed themselves differently almost a hundred years ago – while at the same time trying to remain faithful to the meaning of the text and keeping the original punctuation).

The sad thing about little Anna was that she died soon after this photograph was taken. She is buried in Leslie, Anna Venturini was born in Aberdeen on February 25th 1921. She was the daughter of Cesare Venturini who was a confectioner and Marie Baruffati. Anna died on February 20th 1927 at the fever hospital in Thornton, Fife, of diphtheria. The mother of Anna was a Marie. Perhaps that is the same person that wrote the postcard?

siblings outside No. 5?
Photo taken at Jeromes in Edinburgh.  Is this Bertie again???
Another Jeromes Photograph
Taken in 1941 and signed Frank
Signed Tony Fusco 1935
Mystery soldier Jeromes Edinburgh
This photograph is now confirmed.  Bertie Giulianotti, son of Joe Giulianotti and Susan Lamb. With him is his wife Iris and their daughter Janice.

4 Responses to “ANGELA’S lost photos 8”

  1. Bob Munro says:

    Yes, the last photo in this series is definitely Bert, Iris and Janice (Jan). Bert is the older son of Joe Giulianotti and Susan Lamb and still lives in Bedford, England. His younger brother, Fred, passed away a couple of years ago and both Iris and Jan passed away in the 1990s.
    Note that in some of the other photographs, Joe’s two sons are identified incorrectly as Raymond and Fred. In fact, they were Albert (Bert) and Fred. I believe Raymond was their cousin, younger son of Enrico Giulianotti and his wife, Bella. Raymond’s older brother was also named Albert.

  2. Toom Baruffati says:

    Hello belatedly!
    Almost certain that the writer of the postcard is one and the same.
    My family visited Great Aunt Mary (Marietta/ Marie) in the 1970s, she was born Giustina, and was youngest of six siblings:
    Luigia (04.02.1891-??.??.19??) (Married Luigi Amandoli, London)
    Attilio Baruffati (11.01.1893-20.02.1946) (Married Maria Zaccarini) (My grandparents)
    Lino (16.10.1894-04.08.1965) (Unmarried, San Vincenzo, Borgotaro)
    Giovanna (??.??.18??-??.??.19??) (Married George Thrower, London)
    Giustina (17.08.1898-21.03.1981) (Married Cesare Venturini, Leslie)
    I’m curious if anyone has a little piece they can contribute to our family tree jigsaw?!

  3. Helen says:

    AMAZING and thank you so very much for this information which I have just made public

  4. Helen says:

    How wonderful Toom to get this most welcome comment. I have now approved and let’s see if anyone else out there knows any more. Thank you

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