The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI, Benabio connection


We are connected to the Rhode Island branch of the Benabio family through our ancestor Maria Domenica Quilietti. She married Alfredo Benabio in Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Providence, Rhode Island, 1906

Maria was the youngest daughter of Leonardo Quilietti and Eletta Brucciani.

We have now learned that Mary had gone at first to Rhode Island in 1895 as is documented in the 1930 USA census.

1930 – showing that Mary arrived at first in the year 1895

But in 1903 she was back in Italy and gave birth to a baby girl who was known as Ellen.

It was after the death of her father Leonardo in January of the year 1904 that decisions were made for her to start afresh back in  the new land of America.

Maria left Italy in the year 1904 with her older brother Giuseppe who was sponsor to the baby in Castelvecchio Pascoli.

On their arrival in Rhode Island Mary and her baby Ellen  went to live with her sister Ermenia Quilietti Dante who had settled in Rhode Island in the late 1890s.    After some time it was decided that Ermenia,  who as yet had no children with her husband and cousin Peter Dante, would take the child and bring her up as their very own.  This was not uncommon in those days

Maria  married in the year 1905 to another Italian Alfredo Benabio who was 12 years her senior.

Post Card of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Their family started to come almost immediately

  • JOSEPH BENABIO was born in 1906  in Pawtucket.  His wife’s name was Doris.  He died in 1952 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • ROSE BENABIO was born in 1908 in Pawtucket.  She married into the Sqruilloni family and she died in 1930
  • CHARLES BENABIO was born on 13th December 1909 in Providence.  He married in 1929 to Margaret.   He died on 19th February 2001 in Providence at a ripe age of 92.  Charles also had a son Charles who married Deborah… They in turn had two children Diane Benabio who was born in 1960 and  Allen T. Benabio who was born in 1962
  • AUGUST BENABIO was born in 1911.  He died on 13th September 1985 in Providence.  Gus as he was known had two sons. 
  • OLIVE BENABIO was born on 22 Feb. 1912.  She married……..Fallows.   She died in 1984 in Providence.
  • AMELIO BENABIO was born on 7th Feb. 1915 in Providence and died in September 1969.
  • MARY BENABIO was  born on 4th April 1916 and she died on 22nd October 1998 in Providence

    1930 census USA Rhode Island

  • Maria Domenica Quilietti     She is buried alongside her husband Alfred in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  Their son Joseph Benabio is also buried in Pawtucket in the same plot as his brother August.
  • Joseph Benabio  was an owner of horses and trained them himself.   He raced at Narragansett Race Track in Pawtucket Rhode Island.
  • Rose Benabio    He is unsure what happened to her.
  • Charles Benabio is buried in North Providence  in Rhode Island.    He worked as a foreman at the same paper-mill as his  brother Emilio.   The Mill was situated in Tweed Street in Pawtucket.   Later in life Charles worked in construction.
  • Ausust Benabio  worked in a paper Mill as a kid.  In 1933 he opened an auto-repair business in Pawtucket where he worked all his life.
  • Emilio Benabio married Rubinacci…………………..   Emilio worked in a papermill on Tweed Street in Pawtucket.   He also later in life worked in construction.   He is also buried in Pawtucket.

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