The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

MORRISON Derek James or Eric 1960-2003

Derek James Morrison was born on 18th June 1960 in Simpson Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh.  Their parents were Alex. Morrison and Margaret Cornwall McGovern who had married in 1951.  The family were living now at 27 Jamaica Street in Edinburgh.  He was always known as Eric

A lovely story from Eric.

My mum and dad split when I was 5. My mum then got together with Jimmy Bennett. They great thing was they all got on brilliantly. Jimmy was was a great friend of my dad and my mum and dad always stayed in touch and were always close.

Even when my dad was bad at the end, he was in a wheel chair, Jimmy Bennett would lift him in his wheelchair up the stair to our wee flat in Southouse Crescent so he could have dinner etc.

Jimmy got on great with all dad’s brothers etc. My mum and Jimmy had 2 daughters. My sisters. Dawn and Megan Bennett. You will see them in my photos. Great girls. They called my dad “Uncle Ecky or uncle chill chill”. My dad couldn’t get around well in chair in the end but Jimmy used to walk up to his house and take him out in chair to bookies then for a couple pints in cabin.I was/am blessed to call them both dad.

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