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GIULIANOTTI Moscatelli Bergamaschi line

This line has just been revealed.  It is a branch of the Giulianotti/Landini family and we have had a wonderful correspondence from Fernando Miranda regarding his connections with the family.


Fernando’s great grandmother was Elizabetta Landini and his great grandfather was Antonio Giulianotti.

a lovely portrait of Elizabetta

This branch of the family lived in Peterhead in Scotland.

Maria Domenica Giulianotti Landini was born on 10th September 1905 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She was the daughter of Antonio Giulianotti and Elizabetta Landini. In this photo she was only 16.
Wedding day Maria Domenica Giulianotti Landini and

Maria Domenica was Fernanro’s direct line.    She married on 6th January 1932 at the Roman Catholic Chapel in Peterhead.

She was widowed when she was still a young lady having married at first to and remarried Giugliemo Moscatelli BERGAMASHCI who was born  Filatteria in Massa Carrera in Tuscany  on 10th  February  1906.

The village of Filatteria in Massa Carrera in Tuscany

He was the son of  Nicola Moscatelli and Maria Bergamaschi.   The couple had met at first in Italy when Giugliemo played the clarinet in an ochestra.    After their marriage they emigrated to Uruguay, South America where their family were born.


Uruguay has traditionally been more affluent than other countries in South America, and is known for its advanced education and social security systems and liberal social laws.

It was the first nation in Latin America to establish a welfare state, maintained through relatively high taxes on industry, and developed a democratic tradition that earned it the sobriquet “The Switzerland of South America”.


They had five children:

  • Elizabeta Moscatelli Giulianotte was born on 15th April 1933, and died on 10th February 1934
  • Julia Ana Moscatelli Giulianotti was born on 4th April 1934
  • The twin brothers Ernesto Atilio Moscatelli Giulianotti and Maria Elena Moscatelli Giulianotti were born on 7th November 1935
  • Guillermo Antonio Moscatelli Giulianotti was born on 16th April 1943; and he died on 19th April 2008

Gugliermo Moscatelli Bergamaschi died on 2ndAugust 1973.


Maria Domenica Giulianotti Landini died on 25thJune 1996.

The family tree

Maria Elena Moscatelli Giulianotti is my mother. She has memories of hers uncles Adamo, Giulio, Alberto and Attilio and of hers cousins Alberto, Nellie, and Silvia; by story that her mother told; her mother showed letters of them.

Maria Elena Moscatelli Giulianotti married on 21st March 1959, with my father Elias Miranda Fontenla.

Elias Miranda Fontenla was born 18th January 1936, in Caldas de Reyes, Pontevedra, Spain. He was son of Jesus Miranda Fuentes and Sofia Fontenla Romay. He came to Uruguay in 1953.

They had two children:

  • Elizabet Miranda Moscatelli was born on 15th October 1960
  • And I, Fernando Miranda Moscatelli was born on 16th February 1965

I remember Attilio Giulianotti and his wife Vittoria, they were over here between the years (1976-1977), before of them came Alberto, but I not remember him, I was so young.

My Mother had postcards sent by Alberto Giulianotti, Giulio Giulianotti and Gloria, Attilio Giulianotti and Vitoria and by their daughter Silvia and her husband Danilo

written on the postcards :

  • 01/10/66 Attilio Giulianotti and Vittoria were in Borgo Val Di Toro, Italy
  • 28/11/72 , 12/11/75 and 06/04/77 Silvia Giulianotti and Danilo were in Borgo Val Di Toro, Italy

Now for us here in Europe I would like to let you know how the surnames work in Uruguay.   It is very confusing but thanks to our new cousin for explaining this to us

From the 19th century in Spain and Hispanic America is was imposed first as use then as a rule in various fields, military, legal, administrative, etc., the system of double surname; Firstly from the father’s family and secondly the mother (surname paternal and maternal, respectively).

Therefore, has been consolidated in the Hispanic that formal identification or name of a person is composed of: name (or simply name, and can be more than one) – paternal surname and maternal surname, in this order. Additionally and unofficially considered that the relationship of each person’s own surnames can be extended to the whole of the paternal and maternal interspersing them, the surname of a person is the surname of his father, his second surname is the surname of his mother, the third surname is the second of his father, the fourth surname is the second of his mother, etc. In this way a person can be considered that you have as many surnames as they correspond to those of their ancestors, while Hispanic countries generally allow only the record of two surnames.

An example how the surnames work in my country.

How the surnames work in Ureguay

My father: Elias Miranda Fontenla
My mother: Maria Elena Moscatelli Giulianotti

When she married: Maria Elena Moscatelli of Miranda

I´m Fernando Miranda Moscatelli

For example my father´s surnames are Miranda Fontenla, and my mother´s surnames are Moscatelli Giulianotti and I´m Fernando Miranda Moscatelli Fontenla Giulianotti.  That is how the surnames work in this country.

My grandfather was Gugliermo Moscatelli Bergamaschi, my grandmother was Maria Domenic  Giulianotti Landini and their children surnames are Moscatelli Giulianotti. For example my mother is Maria Elena Moscatelli Guilianotti Bergamaschi Landini

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  1. Barbieri Valentino says:

    Sono il figlio di una Giulianotti, mia mamma Giulianotti Maria (Delinda) 1913 Valdena e deceduta 2007 Valdena era cugina di Maria Giulianotti Moscatelli , mia madre mi raccontava che Moscatelli era innamorato di lei, ma lei aveva preferito sposare un suo paesano (Penso sia stato un Gasparini, ma non ne sono sicuro)ma l,amore di Moscatelli nei suoi riguardi era ancora acceso, appena saputo della morte di suo marito, la sposata e ricostruito una famiglia, a Montevideo
    Vivo proprio vicino alla piccola casa, che il papa di Maria aveva costruito.
    Sono anche cugino con i defunti Alzapiedi Aldo Maria Giocondo LIna e, Veronica che vive attualmente a Borgotaro .
    Valentino Barbieri 0039052597592 00393397220355

  2. Helen says:

    am the son of a Giulianotti, my mother Giulianotti Maria (Delinda) 1913 Valdena and deceased 2007 Valdena was cousin of Maria Giulianotti Moscatelli, my mother told me that Moscatelli was in love with her, but she had preferred to marry her villager (I think it was a Gasparini, but I’m not sure) but the love of Moscatelli in his regard was still on, as soon as he learned of the death of her husband, married her and rebuilt a family, in Montevideo
    I live right next to the little house that Maria’s father had built.
    I am also a cousin with the deceased Aldopiedi Aldo Maria Giocondo LIna and, Veronica, who currently lives in Borgotaro.
    Valentino Barbieri

    HELLO Valentino and thank you so very much for your most welcome comment. What a lovely story. For the amateur genealogist these relationships can prove difficult. So thank you for helping with the Giulianotti family history. I would love to enhance our story with a dedicated page for your family if you agree. Please e.mail me on

    Hello and thank you so much for your much welcome letter

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