The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI De Placido connections

Teresa Quilietti was born on June 16th 1916.  Daughter of Julio Quilietti and Elizabeth Wilson.  She married  Sammy Turner and they had two daughters and three sons .  One  of their daughters, June married Antonio De Placido.  This is the Quilietti connection with the family.

Anthony’s father was Frances Di Placido and in the late 1890s and 1901 they resided like so many more at No. 89 Grassmarket.  This address has many of the family of Italian immigrants connected to it.  Here we find Anthony’s dad Frances age 7 living here with his Dad also Frances, his  mum Paulina and his siblings.  The profession of Frances senior is one of Organ Grinder.

The Italians began to arrive on Scottish shores from the late 19th century onwards. For some, it was seen as a stopping point en route to the Americas; for others they were recruited. Initially they came from northern areas such as Tuscany, but emigration spread to the south (Naples region) by the 1900s. Scotland saw an increase in Italian immigrants when America changed its immigration policy and closed the door of opportunity for many of the poorest Europeans.  The main reasons Italians sought a new life was as a direct result of economic conditions. Poverty was rife and living conditions were harsh, with famine and sometimes droughts. Furthermore, Italy had an agricultural-based economy that was experiencing severe hardships and industrialisation was slower than in other European nations. Many men saw an opportunity to go elsewhere to earn a living and therefore left in order to support their relatives back home.

There is an extensive Facebook page which is run by Jackie Bryant and also Jamie Capaldi and they share such wonderful photographs that I wanted to document them in honour of the family. Cassino Italian Immigrants

The families from Casino were well integrated and Capaldi, Tomasso and  Arpino, are families which have much social interaction with each other.  Bristol is a town where many of the families settled as it was a dropping off point for those wishing to go across the Atlantic.

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  1. Anna valente says:

    Hi,a Helen, I just realised Giovanni and Antiona, are my grandfathers mum and dad, Stuart Capaldi is helping me finish this off he’s so helpful. Hope all us well Happy Easter for next week.Where does time go. From Anna Valente.

  2. Anna valente says:

    Hi again, I remember mum use to talk about going to the Circus there, and she won a teddy, how close is this , anna

  3. Anna valente says:

    Hi I discovered lately that I’m related to Richard a Demarco his cousin was auntie Aunnie Tartaglia, who was a duster to my granma Mary Civita Tartaglia, from Anna Valente

  4. Helen says:

    Anna please excuse the lateness of replying to all of your posts. I am now going to have a look through the documents to see what information I have. The Valente family are connected through the Neri Branch as well. Thanks for your posts

  5. Emma-Jane Grainger says:

    Hello Anna, I have just read your comments above that Giovanni & Antonia were your grandfathers mum & dad…….they are also my grandmothers mum and dad!!! I’d be interested to know who your grandfather was. My grandmother was Maria (Mary) her husband Victor was the manager of the Circus at Waverley market. Please get in touch either by email or via the Cassino Italian Immigrants page on Facebook. Thanks EJ x

  6. james mc gurk says:

    Just saw reference re.Johnny di Placido.I worked in the N B hotel in 1954.
    Johnny was the head pastry cook ,I used to marvel at sugar creations They were amazing.He had 4 other staff,all first class The head chef was John Hunt. Two of
    the nicest peoplei new in 15 years of hotel work

  7. Helen says:

    thanks for the info James. Always great to hear these wee snippets

  8. Paula says:

    Hello! I am Brazilian. Please, I need more information about Eugenio di Placido, son of Maria Antonia Di Placido, and brother of Antonietta and Violanda. According to the photo that is here on the site.
    Please, can you help me?

  9. William nicol says:

    Johnny Diplacido used to come into my shop in Buccleuch St, to buy flowers for his late wife so he must’ve been married. But for certain one of the great patisserie of that time aling with other great chefs at that time Jackie Montieth brilliant sauce chef,Bill Marshall, Roman Reglinski on his way to being one of the greatest, Donaldson, Bell,and Ginger Tait to mention a few. Frank Fusco too. Not forgetting my dad W.H.Nicol a close friend of Johnny,s.

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