The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BORGOTORA Borgo Val di Taro

Borgotora is situated here

Map of the area showing Borgotora, a true Northern Italian region.

Turris, original name of the Borgo Val di Taro, albeit in a different location, was a military establishment Byzantine allepoca the Gothic war, and as such the capital of the whole district. 
With the advent of the Lombards “curtis Turris appenditiis cum suis” was one of the most prominent and profitable donations of Lombard kings immune to the Monastery of St. Columban in Bobbio.

The train runs through the area

a street in the village

This map shows the surrounding villages. Many of these villages were and still are home to many branches of the Brattesani family


The area is world famous for the mushrooms

The Porcini Mushroom Borgotaro is the distinguished guest of a road that mostly runs in the Val Taro, joining North – East with Val Baganza (and the road of Prosciutto and Wines of Colli) and, to the west, with Val Ceno and the ridge that separates the Apennines from Parma to Piacenza. A South opens the ways of the sea …. the territory brings with it some of the most fascinating sceneries of the entire Apennine ridge; It is harmoniously composed of the reliefs dating from the many waterways to reach the peaks of the Ligurian and Tuscan borders. It ‘a land rich in history, marked by the castles, medevial villages and old Churches.  

a happy chef

Winter is coming in Borgotora

an aerial view of the area

The Church

And of course the famous cheese of the Region

The Parmigiano Reggiano, famous in the region, comes from a craftmanship system unique to the area. The characteristics that make this cheese  are the result of the extreme care taken in working the raw material and of course the geographical character of the land surrounding this area, the soil and the weather conditions.

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