The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

STANTON EDWARD 1786-1855 Kelly [and Ryan lines]


This Staunton or Stanton branch of the family are from County Roscommon in Ireland. Edward was born in 1786 and joined the Army at an early age. He was discharged from the Army in 1815 because of an injury.

EDWARD married ELIZA KELLY in County Roscommon in Ireland. Circa 1815 after his discharge from the Army.

The 1851 Scottish Census finds the family residing in the Parish of Whitekirk and Tynninghame. The Address was Pleasance.

The whole family Staunton had been born in Ireland but this census does not tell us what township. Only the young Edward age 1 was born in Whitekirk. There was Edward Stanton age 65, his wife Elizabeth [Kelly] age 56. Son Andrew age 33 with his wife Margaret [RYAN] 30. Also Mary Staunton age 23 and Elizabeth age 17.

We must assume that the family came over because of the Great Potato Famine c 1848. However the 1861 census shows no sign of Edward. Only his wife Elizabeth residing with their daughter Bridget and her husband Michael Rourke at an address in Prestonkirk called Old Hailes. So somewhere in these 10 years he has died. I cannot as yet trace him in the Scottish archives.

Edward 1786 was a Chelsea Pensioner and he was in H.M. 88th Foot Soldiers. His wife was Eliza Kelly.

The 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers) (“the Devil’s Own”) was an infantry Regiment of the British Army, raised in 1793. Under the Childers Reforms it amalgamated with the 94th Regiment of Foot to form the Connaught Rangers in 1881. EDWARD could have served anywhere with the Army at this time, but most likely in the French Napoleonic Wars. See below. He was Discharged in 1815.

FAMILY of Edward Stanton 1786 and Elizabeth or Betsy Kelly 1790.

We have traced four of their children in Scotland. there would have been more.

  • ANDREW STAUNTON 1818-1882 – all info on this line to date is recorded below. Have no information on other three sisters.

ANDREW STAUNTON 1818-1882 and MARIA RYAN 1825-1898

Their Son Andrew Stanton was born in County Roscommon circa 1818. He came to Scotland CIRCA 1845. In 1848 he married Margaret Ryan 1825-1898, in Whitekirk in East Lothian in Scotland where the family had settled. They were working on the farms from an address called Pleasance in Whitekirk. In time the family moved to Edinburgh where there was work at time in the chemical factories in Leith. Both father and son found work as Stokers in the Chemical Plants in Leith where work was plentiful at that time. Their family came along throughout the years. He died in the Sister of the Poor Home in Gilmore Place Edinburgh in 1882 of Hepatitis Dropsy. The family were still residing at 23 Dickson’s Close 118 High Street at the time.

Andrew and Maria’s Son –

EDWARD STANTON 1850-1931 and MARIA RYAN 1849-1886

  1. Edward Stanton was born in Whitekirk in 1850. He married Mary or Maria Ryan 1849-1886 in the year 1878 in St. Pat’s R.C. Church in the Cowgate, Edinburgh. They in turn had six children. Thomas, Andrew, Edward, Maria, John and James. Edward’s death has still to be found but we think he left Scotland in 1907 for Canada with his second wife and the family. First wife Maria had died prematurely in 1886.

After the death of his wife Maria Ryan [in 1886] Edward re-married on 3rd February 1896, ten years later to Mary Ann Began, who was also a Widow, having previously been married to unknown Masterston.

Andrew and Maria’s Daughter Elisabeth Stanton 1851-1860

2. Elisabeth Stanton 1851. She was part of the 1861 census living with the family at Cippicclaes Farm in Whitekirk. No further information may have died young. By the time of the 1861 census when the family had moved to 23 Dickson’s Close in Edinburgh there was no Elisabeth.

Andrew and Maria’s Son Thomas 1854-1878

Thomas 1854-1878 Thomas married Sarah Keane in 1873 in St. Patrick’s Chapel, Cowgate. They had one son Matthew 1874-1875. Thomas sadly died age 24 in 1878.

Andrew and Maria’s son

JOHN STANTON 1857-1885

6. John Stanton was born on 8th January 1857 at 23 Dickson’s Close, 118 High Street, Edinburgh. He took up an apprenticeship as a Printer’s Compositer. Unfortunately he was to die young, age 17, of Bright’s disease.

Andrew and Maria’s Daughter Mary Stanton 1857-1928

Mary Stanton 1857-1928. MARY married Mathew McCabe on 25th July 1875 at St. Patrick’s RC Chapel in the Cowgate. The McCabe family were originally from Ballinderry in Northern Ireland before moving to Blackburn by Bathgate in West Calder. They had eight children. Mary died in Brighton Place, Portobello in 1925.

Andrew and Maria’s Son Andrew Stanton 1857

5. Andrew Stanton, 1857. No further information – may have died young


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Daughter of Andrew Staunton and Elizabeth Kelly. Mary Stanton. 1828-1871

Mary married in Edinburgh to Thomas McQueenie who was also of Irish descent. They married in 1852 in Preston Kirk. They had three known children Thomas, 1853, Bridget 1857 and Patrick 1858. I am sure there would have been more. They moved to Edinburgh and were residing at an address 5 Allison’s Close, off the Cowgate in 1861. Still researching this line

Daughter of Edward Stanton and Elizabeth Kelly – BRIDGET STANTON b1835 Rosscommon, Ireland

Bridget Stanton married Michael Rourke on 19th July 1860 at Prestonkirk in East Lothian in Scotland. The 1861 Scottish Census sees the couple with her mother Elizabeth Kelly at an address Old Hailes, Prestonkirk, Haddington. They were working on the farms there as agricultural labourers. 1871 sees the family still working in Prestonhirk, but the address this time was Over Hailes. With them three children Elisa age 10, Mary age 9 and Peter age 1. The 1881 census gives us the same address with the same children. An addition is the birthplace of Michael Rourke as being Letren Clune, Ireland. I suspect this is an admin error. Clune in Ireland is in County Clare.


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