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The Giovanelli Connection. – ITALY

Maria Giovanna Giovanelli is the 4th Great Grandmother of Helen Rose Quilietti.  She was born around about the year 1785 in Tuscany.  She married Giuliano Conti and had several children one of whom was Maria Teresa Conti. [3rd Great Grandmother of Helen Rose Quilietti]

Maria Teresa Conti was born in 1812.  There was also Luigi born in 1820 and Carolina born in 1830.   There was undoubtedly more offspring.  Carolina married into the Gonnella family and they emigrated also to Scotland with Glasgow as their main base although other branches also came to Edinburgh and had close contacts with Augusto Quilietti and the Arpino family.

Maria Giovanna Giovanelli lived to a ripe old age until the year 1874.

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  1. Greetings from sunny Florida,

    My name is Robert Gregory Fusco, son of Gregory Joseph Fusco (lost on USS Thresher 1963), son of Libborrio Anthony Fusco (Fusco’s Italian Restaurant) of Endicott, New york. Son of Gregorio Fusco from Scanno Italy. I would enjoy making contact with the Fusco family from other parts of America or Italy. My family doesn’t have any knowledge of the were abouts of my Great Grandfathers 1st cousin Alfonso Fusco, if you or any other family know, please contact me. All of my family, past & present are important to myself & my immediate family. I can be contacted at the below e-mails. Ciao for now & salute’ ROBERT.FUSCO@EGLIN.AF.MIL or RGFRLF2@AOL.COM

    My Grandfather Libborrio “Lib” Fusco married Lena J. Conti of Endicott, NY If there are any Conti’s, who may be of relation please contact me. I would enjoy knowing you & your family. Salute’

  2. Al Conti says:

    My name is Albert Conti from Wakefield, RI. My grandfather was Pietro Conti from San Pietro In Campo. Pietro immigrated to Providence, RI and had 3 sons, Gino, Leo, and my father Albert. They have all since passed. On my mother’s side, my grandmother’s maiden name was Bacci, daughter of Nello Bacci also from San Pietro In Campo. I had the opportunity to visit back in 1972 and met my cousins, but have lost contact. Hopefully some how I will find someone who can help.

  3. Helen says:

    Al hello, this is Helen the author of the website. San Pietro in Campo is just a stonethrow away from Castelvecchio and Barga. There were many Conti family from the region. I will send you an email direct. Conti is also my gg ancestors from the region

  4. Mara says:

    Dear Albert, this is Mara from San Pietro in Campo. My Mom was Clara Bacci, daughter of Ada Turicchi and Nello Bacci. Ada Turicchi was the sister of Teresa Turicchi Fiori of Providence, RI. I remember when Albert Conti and Patricia came to San Pietro in Campo at my grandparents home.You probably are that Albert Conti.I was trying to find something about you so I am glad to find your message here. I know the Turicchis of Texas because sometimes the came here and I visited them too. I would like to keep in contact with you and your family.
    I also met Maria Paula Conti that visited Italy with her family but I haven’t any new from her. Albert Conti and my Mom wrote letters eachothers because he was Derna’s hausband, (Derna was my Mom’s cousin).

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