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We have had correspondence from Niala Conlon regarding his great-great-  grandad John Joe Stanton who came from Westport, County Mayo

  • I’m looking for to find out if  there  are any Stantons out there who be any related to me.   My great great grandfather was called John Joe Stanton he was born in 1878.  Like many others he left for  Liverpool to find work on the Docks  John Joe died in 1918 aged 42,  

    Gladstone Docks, Bootle, Liverpool, England

    Bootle 1907

  • In Liverpool he married  Ellen McCannon who came  from Cliffney in Sligo,



  • John Joe lived in Bootle in Liverpool.  
  • His son had a shop in Liverpool called Standun’s.
  • One of his daughter’s  became a Nun 
  • His other daughter married Niala’s grandad  ‘Festy’ Conlon who came from Spiddal, the Connemarra Gailtacht, County Galway.

    Festy Conlon 1925-2001

     Festy was a musician of the traditional Irish songs and he learned much of his music from his Mother who was a fine singer.  Conlan comes from from Baile Liam, Spiddal, and has a musical family background. His mother, Cáit Ní Choisdealbha (Kate Sheán Tom), was a singer and a cousin of the famous singer Tom Pháidín Tom. Festy learnt how to play the penny whistle whilst in school in Spiddal. Festy  can be heard on the topic LP  ‘Breeze from Erin’ as well as on ‘Totally Traditional Tin Whistles and  ‘Grand Aires from Connemarra’

    Totally Tin Whistles

    The Breeze from Erin

    Festy Conlon

      Festy Conlon, often considered the best slow air player  


    After reading that I was intrigued, to say the least, about the name Festy Conlon. With the words “often considered the best slow air player” I thought that kind of endorsement would certainly warrant a listen. I figured this guy would be all over youtube. Nope… I just found this which sounds to me like ole Festy is letting her rip fairly quickly. He seems to be in high gear for sure :) He is credited in the vid and I am assuming its the whistle he is playing and not the banjo.

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  1. chris says:

    nice read … just returned from spiddal … festy was my grandmother,s neighbour .. I took my uncle Patrick keady with me to spiddal and we met festy,s son darragh

  2. Caoimhin Stanton says:

    Hi John, my name is Kevin Stanton, I think we are family, my father came from lusburg lived in buttel ,liverpool ,my father had two sisters, Marie, was a nun,lived in America, and Eileen married Festy conlon, I would Love to chat to you, if you would like to two☘

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