The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

ARPINO Angelina Quilietti 1894-1959

Giovanni or John Arpino had worked in America for some years before coming to Scotland.  He first arrived in New York upon the Steamship Germania on 24th November 1903. He found work  with the Ford Motor Company whose new vehicles were just taking off at the time.   He loved this work and always  had a great passion for motorbikes and engines. John Arpino had worked for a while in America where he became a master mechanic and worked with the Ford Motor company over there.  On his arrival in Scotland he worked for a while in the Restaurant and Fish and chip trade as did his father in law Augusto before his early demise.   After their marriage they moved for a while to Rosyth in Fife, then back over the water trying out several towns including Linlithgow before settling in the Patthead area of Midlothian.  This was their anchor and from here their family grew.  John always loved the mechanics and the motorbikes.  He was one of the first in the UK to own this Harley Davidson and we believe that this is documented in the archives of the company.

Taken in Dumbryden Street in Edinburgh where they lived for a while.

The valuation rolls are interesting as you can see how John moved from Lasswade in 1901. Linlithgow in 1917. Crichton in 1925 – that’s the shop in Patthead.

They then moved to Patthead where the family settled for the rest of their lives really.  It was here that the family eventually owned their confectionery shop in the High Street.

The shop in Patthead
The shop is Roslin was run by Nicol and Joe Arpino
Amgelina Quilietti Arpino
Angelina Quilietti Arpino in later life

Her family grew up mainly in the Patthead region, and the connected families names now are Wahlberg, Hunter, Reid, Debono, Aitken, Fairgrieve, Mackay, Dickson, Chiesa, Blakey, Crawford, Graham, Sim,  Gillespie, Slater, Green, Tiffney, McCormack and Accolla.  And there will be of course more –  apologies for any I have left out

Angelina with her grandaughter
With her grandaughter Pricilla.

Angelina Quilietti died on 10th December 1959 in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.  Her husband John died two years later in the Ford Cafe’ in Ford, Pathhead, Midlothian.

  • MARY ARPINO  married James Joyce Hunter.  
  • CHARLES ARPINO married Alice Aitken
  • EMILIA ARPINO  married George Crawford.
  • ANGELINA ARPINO married Ian Palys
  • NICOLO ARPINO  married Jessie Dickson then Maria Chiesa
  • AUGUSTO ARPINO  married Margaret Bruce Gillespie

SOME DESCENDANTS of Angelina and John

Below are a handful of the ancestors of Angelina Quilietti and John Arpino

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