The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Alviera Marietta 1934

Alveria Marietta Quilietti is the daughter of Leonardo Giuseppe Quilietti and Maggie Williamson.


Alveria was born on 23rd July 1934 at Elsie Ingles Maternity Hospital Edinburgh.  At the time of her birth her dad lived in a New Town Flat at 57 St. Stephen Street, in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

 The family moved to No. 77 St. Stephen Street a couple of years later where her brother Mario was born in 1938


She married William Methven on 8th November 1950 in St. Giles Registrar’s Office, Edinburgh.  Vera was only 16 and William who was a hairdresser was 22.  At this time she still lived at 77 St. Stephen Street.

Vera had two boys Mark and William.  William lives in Vancoever. He has one daughter Nicola. Nicola’s married name is Fraser .

Mark died at a tender age of 26 some 35 years ago.

Elveria remarried on 6th June 1992 in Nevada

Marriage 1992
lovely photo of four generations.  Vera holding great grandaughter Valentina.  Her son William Methven, known as Bill. His daughter and Vera’s grandaughter Nicola with her two children. 
Nicola is the grandaughter of Vera.
Ebony Valentina is the daughter of Nicola, great grandaughter of Vera.
Taylor Methven Fraser is Vera’s great grandson
Ebony Valentina Fraser
Nicola polishing off some roast beef
Vera’s line, son Bill, his daughter and her two children

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