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FUSCO Robert Gregorio

Thanking Robert from Robert Gregorio Fusco from America for his photos which I now insert.

Greetings from sunny Florida,

My Grand parents (Lib & Lena) Fusco ran/managed an incredible Restaurant, I’ll never forget as a young boy how delicious the food was. Thanks for your kind words & remembering my fathers sacrifice.

My name is Robert Gregory Fusco, son of Gregory Joseph Fusco (lost on USS Thresher 1963), son of Libborrio Anthony Fusco (Fusco’s Italian Restaurant) of Endicott, New york. Son of Gregorio Fusco from Scanno Italy. I would enjoy making contact with the Fusco family from other parts of America or Italy. My family doesn’t have any knowledge of the were abouts of my Great Grandfathers 1st cousin Alfonso Fusco, if you or any other family know, please contact me. All of my family, past & present are important to myself & my immediate family. I can be contacted at the below e-mails. Ciao for now & salute’ROBERT.FUSCO@EGLIN.AF.MIL or RGFRLF2@AOL.COM

Robert Gregorio Fusco

Diane Michelle Fusco, Robert Fusto and his wife Ruth Louise Fusco.

  • Could all of our Fusco cousins please be in touch with Robert, Diane and Ruth regarding their family tree and if anyone can help them directly please leave a comment.    Thank you Helen


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  1. Cynthia Walker says:

    My Grandmother was Angelina (Fusco) Louda. I am the daughter of Angelina and Joseph Louda’s son Robert George Louda.

    I remember when I was very young traveling to NY in late 60’s and going to the Fusco restaurant, amazing times.

  2. maria viola Fusco says:

    My father was Dominic Fusco from Sant’a elia near Cassino Italy. Are any of your Fusco family from that area?

  3. Helen says:

    I know that the Arpino family who in turn were connected via Fuscos were definitely from Sant Elia Fiumerapido.

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