The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

WILSON Elizabeth – Julio side

Elizabeth Wilson was born in 1895 in Edinburgh, Scotland.   She was the daughter of Robert Wilson and Elizabeth Cranston.

She married Julio Emilio Quilietti, son of Emilio Quilietti on 13th April 1913 in St. Mary’s R.C. Cathedral in Broughton Street, Edinburgh

The children of Juilio and Elizabeth

When they married the family were living in St. James’ Street but their first home was further down Leith in Hamilton Street.   They then moved back to the Canongate during the war years.  Sante Brattesani Quilietti was named after his step grandfather Sante Brattesani.  He was born in 1 Hamilton Street in Leith on 17th April 1914, a year or so  after their marriage.  He only lived for one year and a half.

Elizabeth Wilson Quilietti with two of her children Theresa and Giulio [Sonny

Theresa was born in 1916 at No. 2 Wilson’s Court in the Canongate.  The rest of the family followed and it was the Canongate where they stayed.   Julio had for a while a fruit shop in the Canongate

The family shop in the Canongate
Vali and Betty Quilietti to the centre and right. Unknown friend to the left

Julio died at Bangor Villiage Hospital of an illness relating to his years in the War.   He was a decorated soldier and helped in particular a French family at this time.

Julio in uniform. He was a war hero

He died on 3rd August 1936 and he is buried in a family plot in Easter Road Cemetery, Edinburgh.

Julio’s war papers

Elizabeth Wilson with Louisa Brattesani Costella

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