The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage

ARPINO Nicolo 1917-1971

Nicolo’ Arpino is the brother of Francesca Arpino Quilietti

Nicolo married Rosa Margiotta in the church of the Sacred Heart in Lauriston, Edinburgh, on 15th Januaray 1895.    His wedding certificate is a brilliant find for us as we have proof of the close relationship between Augusto Quilietti and his uncle Cesari Donati who had settled in Fife.

Travelling with Cesari from Italy at that time was  his brother Pietro Donati and his wife  Maria Brucciani.  Maria Brucciani is the sister of Eletta Brucciani Quilietti, our maternal grandmother.

We have no further information regarding the lives of Nicolo and Rosa.   He died in Main Street, Roslin on  21 January 1924.  Rose remarried in 1927 to a Scotsman by the name of Thomas Collins.  The Margiotta family today own a chain of corner-shop/deli’s in the Edinburgh area.

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