The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

MORRISON Alexander 1902-1952

During WW2 Alex was a training Sergeant and was training young soldiers from a Barracks in North Frith in Blackdown, Aldershot, Hants, England. He wrote some letters to Peggy who was really ill at the time and had to lose a kidney.

Excerpt showing his sense of humour trying to cheer up Peggy

I see you’ve been noticing your mother’s hair, I know she must be worrying, but what about me? I’m turning grey as a rat and my hairs falling out in lumps. In a few weeks I’ll be bald as a coot. I’ve no teeth to talk of and in fact, when I think of it, its a marvel to me how I’m able to totter about, without the aid of a pair of crutches or anyway a stick. But I better stop telling you everything that’s wrong with me because I’m beginning to frighten myself and in another minute I’ll be taking a bad turn, and mind you, I’m younger than your mother.

The North Frith Military Barracks

The North Barracks were used mostly to train Canadian Soldiers. It was estimated that some 300,000 Canadian solders came to Britain during the war period 1940 to 1945 and 30,000 or more were stationed in and around the area of North camp. Grandad Morrison was a Training Sergeant although I am not sure what his specialities were.
The Canadian 1st Infantry Division arrived in 1941 1942 and the 2nd Infantry Division arrived May 21 1943 and was billeted in Salamanca and Badajos Barracks. Salamanca was the large barracks on the left and right as you came up Hospital Hill road from Aldershot town centre.

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