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Memories of olden days

Some memories from Niddrie via Niddrons Reunited and our cousins Johnni Stanton and Billy McKirdy.   Both Johnni and Billy are related to the Q family, Johnny being a Stanton cousin and Billy being a Demarco/Brattesani cousin

They are doing a most wonderful job in preserving the heritage of the Niddrie/Craigmillar area.  These old videos, found in the Scottish Film Archives have been restored thanks to these two boys.   They have shared them on their facebook page and I am now sharing them with you.    Great fun looking at the past.   Thanks to you both and well done.

Billy with his family..   Billy is related to us via the Demarco/Brattesani  Clan.Billy ‘s family have the same roots as Pat Stanton and Denis Stanton [married to Helen Q


Joe Quilietti photographed outside his home at 52 Niddrie Mains Drive.  The Church at the back has recently gone.  Niddrie Mill is ‘over the burn’ and in the background

St. Aiden's Church is here on the left. 

EASTER 1958 photograph taken in the 'back green' of Niddrie Mains Drive.  Helen, Margaret and Hamish Quilietti pleased with their easter eggs.  New socks, new sandals and new knitted cardigans for the occasion


Niddrie Brickworks was demolished in 1991 to make way for the Fort Kinnaird Shopping Centre


The Hearts Club Picnic 1965


Niddrie Mill Sunday School


My Granny Quilietti and uncle Bobby Quilietti are both in this photograph. The event was a Miners Gala Day march and this was taken walking along  Niddrie Mains Terrace

1954 Wedding – The Quilietti family are here in force,  Granny Quilietti [Jeannie Boylen in the centre.   The wedding was hosted in her ‘living room’.in Niddrie Mains Terrace.    Sandwiches, Soup and a Barrel of beer for the boys.   Uncle Bobby Quilietti is the groom and Aunty Jeanette Henderson the bride.   Also in the photograph Arthur Quilietti with his first wife Dina and their son Joseph.   Aunty Annie with her daughter Jean and son Ernie who now lived in south Africa.   Uncle Giulio Quilietti is also here with his wife Irene Park.   Septimus Henderson, Jeanette’s dad is also here.   Great Photo.”

A fourteen year old Denis Stanton on his bike in Niddrie


Janet Blues or Howie


Niddrie Marischal Junior Secondary School



Richmond Craigmillar – many of our families married here


Dougie Farquhar and Hamish Quilietti in the back green of 52Niddrie Mains Drive 1960


The Annual Hearts Club Picnic. with Joe and Peggy  Quilietti daughter Margaret, and many members of the Morrison Clan from Niddrie Mains Terrace.   Beautiful Nancy sits at the back.  Aunties Mary and Mags,   Granny 'Ma' Morrison and her sister Rosie Kane.   Also Alex and Joe Morrison our cousins from Gracemount



17 Responses to “Memories of olden days”

  1. Martin Brown says:

    Helen, I am Arthur Quilietti’s nephew and have really enjoyed looking at your website. It brought back a lot of happy memories.

    Thank you.

  2. Helen says:

    I remember all the Brown’s of course. Thanks for liking the website.

  3. Billy McKirdy says:

    Once again Helen, your thorough knowledge of all things local shines through.
    Thanks for promoting our work in preserving the past for future generations to learn about.
    Keep up the wonderful work your doing here.

  4. James Innes says:

    Lovely to see and read your site,
    I lived at 3 hay Avenue With my Grandparents Alice and Michael McKenna,I went to St francis school until 1950.
    i have very happpy memories of Niddrie and the long lost friends,
    the old st Theresas Chapel, etc.
    Very best wishes,

  5. Joe McKeesick says:

    Purely by accident I camr across your family name – Quilietti. It brough back fond memories of life in Niddrie. I was born in 1934 and later went to St. Francis Primary School. Jimmy Quilietti was in my class. Later, we both “graduated to St Johns Junior Secondary School in Portobello (bottom class). I never had any contact with Jimmy after we left school aged 15. Happy Days! I have a copy of admissions to St Francis for 1940 and it has Jimmy’s address as 79 Niddrie Mains Terrace – you can have a copy if you would like to have one.

    I also found it of interested that some of the Quilietti “Clan” lived at 52 Niddrie Mains Drive. I was brought at No.53 NMD.. However, we left in 1956 to go back to our “Roots” in Dalketh.
    The Ramsay family lived in the bottom flat at 52 and the Earlys – wee Frankie and Mary – lived in the middle flat about 1958.

    It would be of interest if you could give me any details of Jimmy’s life after hiis school days. I did find your family tree to be very interesting and well constructed.

    My best regards to your family!


  6. Helen says:

    Thank you James for your comment. I am glad that you enjoy the site. If you want to add any memories of your own please send me some info Thank you Helen

  7. Helen says:

    Thank you Joe. I will write to your e.mail. Uncle Bobby and your Jimmy are one and the same. I was born in 1950 and brought up at No. 52. I can only remember the Kelly family who lived next door to us. We were on the corner at the bottom flat. The Rennie’s lived at the top.

  8. George Lewis says:

    Great to read about Niddrie I lived at 8 N M Drive next door to Munns same stair as Gallaghers,Christies and Whalens also went to St Francis and St Johns most people knew our family because my father was blind

    Your photo I put on an old Niddrie site a long time ago I’m also in the photo but my I would suggests it was the Niddrie gala day just after the war and not the miners gala day I remember we walked along the Terrace to Hay drive to pick up a bus and then we were taking to Junipher Green area for games etc

    What a great site


    George Lewis

  9. Helen says:

    Thank you for your comment George. good to hear from you. Will amend the post and thanks for sorting that one out. Do you have anything else to share

  10. Irene Donaldson new johnston says:

    I Johnston of 17niddrie mai us terrace 1938/57 thank u for the memories

  11. Irene Donaldson new johnston says:

    I Johnston thanks for the memories

  12. Tom Berwick says:

    I lived in 50 Niddrie Mains Terrace and am the same age as Nancy’s son Eddie who was my best mate growing up. Him and his sister Janie lived with Mrs Morrison in the top flat. I knew Hamish as well as I often visited his house with Eddie. Raymond and Sheila lived in 52 and George Morrison and his family lived across the road from us.

    I moved away to Surrey for a few years and when I left Eddie was staying in Lochrin /buildings. I came back after a few years and I asked my uncle (who is the same age as me) Robert Johnstone (everyone called him Tully) if he’d seen Eddie. He told me Eddie had died like lots of folk in Niddrie from drugs. I believed him. I met Sheila about 15 years later and she told me Eddie was still alive and managing a pub in Leith. I tried to find him but couldnt.. I knew Janie moved to England years before. Any how about four years ago working as a Registrar a woman came in to register the death of a Mr Faichney and I mentioned Eddie, Turns out it was one of Eddie’s uncles and the lady told me that Eddie had died just a year and a bit before. As I was working in Registration I was able to look it up and it was Janie who registered it. So sad cos we could have a had a few laughs over the years if I hadn’t believed Tully the first time. I sent a picture of The picnic to my mum, my mum knew Nancy and Rosie Cain jnr. I also remember other cousins in Stevenson Drive up near Gorgie

  13. Pete Farquhar says:

    Hi Helen, don’t know if you remember me but I stayed at 50 ,next stair to you and your family. Myself and brother Dougie used to play with Hamish. Great site and photos bring back Happy Memories of my childhood in Niddrie. Like yourself I went to Niddrie Mill and Niddrie Marischal and they were good times. I drive through the area now and again and the changes are horrible. Old School now flats etc.

  14. Helen says:

    Wow that is a name I remember to be sure. I remember a sister Mona as well. Good to hear from you. Will let brother Hamish know that you have been in touch. Good memories indeed

  15. WILLIAM Rowe(Billy says:

    It would be nice to hear from anyone I grew up with in Niddrie. I stayed in 2 Niddrie mains drive. Great childhood attended Craigmillar School and Niddrie Marischal.

  16. Chelsea Flynn says:

    My dad was given up for adoption the end of 1968/early 1969 but his birth mother called June Mason lived at 31 niddrie mains drive at the time he was born, she was around 18 at the time and had a 3/4 year old son called Gary Mason. I dont know how long they lived there for but known they lived there in 1968. I’m trying to do my family tree and trace them. Does anyone who grew up in Niddrie remember them by name or someone my have grew up with my uncle Gary who was born around 1965?

  17. Helen says:

    Ive approved your post keeping fingers crossed for you

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