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ARPINO Angelina Palys

Fortune has again kissed us with information from Mark Sim who is grandson of Angelina Arpino [daughter of Angelina Quilietti].  This is a lost branch of the family and we are grateful to Mark for allowing us to share his family and his gran’s stories.


Mark is the great grandson of Angelina Arpino and 2nd great grandson of Augusto Quilietti and Francesca Arpino

Angelina Arpino with husband Augusto Quilietti and their only surviving child, Angelina Quilietti

Angelina was born on 4th July 1921.   She is the daughter of Angelina Quilietti and John Arpino.  Their were eight children of this marriage and with each branch of the family extending with their own twists and turns.  As we write this page in her honour we hope that we can try and give her some pleasure in the knowledge that her life and her ancestors will be documented and not lost in the passing of time.   Thank you Mark for making this possible not only for her but also for other branches of the family who have also been striving to re-unite with their roots.  We can only hope that we can enhance our family history with her story.

Angelina and her siblings

Angelina  married Jonni  [Ian] Palys who was of  Polish descent.     His parents were Andrew Palys and Katherine Konelyila.  The Second  World War brought its fair share of Polish to Scotland and this is how they met. Angelina or Lina as her sister Mary called her ,also played their parts  in the War Effort and they were both part  of the Land Army.  They enjoyed a civil marriage which was becoming more freely available after the toils of the time.



Copy of their marriage certificate

The Palys  surname itself is not common and even today outside Poland the family name is quite rare.  USA  has the second largest population of the surname with the distrubution being mostly of white caucasian.

Antonio and Angelina Arpino, children of Angelina and Jonni [Ian

Mark with his mum Angelina

Tree back through the Q line

Angelina and Mark

Four generations, Angelina, her daughter Angelina, grandson Mark and great grandson Alexander

with grandaughter Carrie

Angelina and Alexander


The Arpino family remained close and after the early deaths of Augusto Quilietti in 1905 Francesca returned to Paris, France, where some of her family resided.  We have been told that Francesca worked there for a while earning her living and bringing up Angelina who could speak two or three languages with ease.

  • Francesca re-married and in time returned to Scotland.  Francesca Juliette Arpino Quilietti died on 21st July 1943 and was interred with Augusto Quilietti in Easter Road Cemetery in Edinburgh.  She was 70 years old.  Augusto had died in 1905 aged only 34.
  • Their daughter Angelina had married Giovanni or John Arpino who had worked for a while in America where he became a master mechanic and worked with the Ford Motor company over there.  On his arrival in Scotland he worked for a while in the Restaurant and Fish and chip trade as did his father in law Augusto before his early demise.   After their marriage they moved for a while to Fife, then back over the water trying out several towns before settling in the Patthead area of Midlothian.  This was their anchor and from here their family grew.  John always loved the mechanics and the motorbikes.  He was one of the first in the UK to own this Harley Davidson and we believe that this is documented in the archives of the company.

    Angelina’s parents and her sister Mary and brother Charlie



ANGELINA died in January 2019 at the ripe old age of 98.  She was well loved by her family and they were happy to have shared so many years with her.   She left her remains to Medical Science.  RIP Angelina

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