The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI, Mario 1938

Mario Quilietti was born in 1938 on October 31st in elsie Inglis Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh.  At the time he was born his dad Leonardo was described as a General Storekeeper with domicile at 77 St. Stephen Street, Edinburgh.  His mum of course was Maggie Williamson.  Maggie was a beautiful looking lady and stole the heart of Leonardo Q.

Maggie Williamson with Mario and Alveria

Leonardo senior with his three children, Mario,Vera and Leonardo junior

Mario married Christina Jack Colme who was an Insurance Clerk and who worked alongside Mario who shared the same profession.   Christine’s dad was a plumber by trade, William Colme and her mum’s maiden name was Margaret Gough.

For many years the family lived in Canada and USA.  Pembroke Pines in Florida was one place they lived.  Another was Snowballin in Ontario, Canada.  Mario was President of a manufacturing company in Ontario.

Son Calum was born in the Western General in Edinburgh on 18th February 1962.

Lisa came along in 1964 and .  The family lived in Bellevue just off Broughton Street in Edinburgh.  Calum has fond memories of his time here with his family.

For many years the family lived in Canada and USA. Â Pembroke Pines in Florida was one place they lived. Â Another was Snowballin in Ontario, Canada. Â Mario was President of a manufacturing company in Ontario.Mario with 'his new car'


On their return to Scotland in 2005 the family moved to Inverurie in Scotland for a while where their daughter Lisa lived with her husband.

Lisa Quilietti  in due time  married Graeme William Mowat in the year 1993 in the Kingdom Hall in Edinburgh [Jehova Witness], a faith which they uphold today.  They have two children

Christine with her two grandchildren


Christine fought cancer for two years before she died in Edinburgh on January 10th 2014

Christine Jack Quilietti


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  1. Lorraine McCaig says:

    I was so sorry to read about Christine. She was a lovely kind lady. I worked for Mario for a number of years and even visited them when they were in Toronto. Please extend my best wishes.

  2. I am the little girl with grandma in the picture. My history homework was to find out about my family. This website is brilliant. I am now eleven years old and still have that photograph. Who made this website and collated all the photos and information?

  3. Helen says:

    Hello Kiara and thanks for your comment. I will send you an email. Helen, p.s. It is myself who has built the website on the family history.

  4. Helen says:

    Well I am sorry to say that you are correct in that your email doesn’t work. You can contact me on I would love to hear more information about yourself and your family and to include you in a new dedicated page here.

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