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MORRISON Helen 1934-1999



Helen Morrison  was born on 2nd July 1934 at 6 Chessel’s Court, Canongate, Edinburgh.  She was the last of the Morrison children to be born in the old crumbling tenements of the old town.   They moved shortly thereafter to their brand new house at 50 Niddrie Mains Terrace, Edinburgh which was her mother’s home until she died. This photo shows where Helen lived above Tomasso’s fish and chip shop in the West Port.  This is Helen’s widows……

Ellen married WILLIAM HILL, son of Robert McGovern Hill and Esther Hill on the 30th of June in the year 1961 in St. Giles Registrar Office in central Edinburgh.   Her sister Nancy was best maid and the best man was James Hill, brother of Willie.  Willie lived at 20 Hay Drive at the time of their wedding.

Their first home was in the old West Port, No. 22, first floor flat to the front.

Aunty Ellen’s wee hoose in the West Port, just above Tomasso’s chippy

They spent the first ten or so years of their marriage in this small flat and all their boys were born whilst they lived at this address.   The flat had a sink at the window and it looked down into the adjacent pub which which was for working men in those days.   In 1969 they moved to their new permanent address at Niddrie Mill Crescent, down beside the rest of the Morrison family in the area which was home to Ellen, where she had spent her childhood.

Three children,

JOHN HILL was born on 31st October 1965 also at Simpson’s Maternity Hospital.

TOMMY HILL, the youngest was born on 21st August 1968, also at Simpson’s Maternity Pavillion, Edinburgh.

The death of her young sister Nancy had a diverse affect on Ellen and her health suffered in the years following Nancy’s death.

She remained very close with her sisters and brothers alike and always had an open door for any of the family.  She is folndly remembered by all her nieces and nephews.  Ellen died on 31st January 1999 of Coronary  artery thrombosis.

William and Sandra

The Hills with cousin Susan Hood

Jockie with aunty Shiela

Hey Ho!! cousin Billy

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