The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BRATTESANI Clotide 1890 – Zaccarii line

Clotide Brattesani was born in 1890 in Italy, most probably Borgotora.   She was the daughter of Giuseppe Brattesani 1831-1919 and Veronica Zaccarini. She was one of at least  11 children.

In 1910 in Manhatten, New York City,  we find Clotide residing with her brother Lorenzo, her sister-in-law  Clorinda Cardinale and Clorinda’s brother Giuseppe Cardinale, who was the first to arrive in New York IN 1894 when he was only 14.  Clotide is described as a Hair Dryer, or Hairdresser.  Lorenzo was a cook in a restaurant. Joseph Cardinale was an agricultural worker.

1910 Census of USA

On 5th September 1915 Clotide married  Giuseppe Signorini and they settled in Manhatten, New York.

War draft 1917.  Telling us a bit about Giuseppe.  He also came from the Parma region in Italy.  His parents were still in Italy.  He had a wife and child.  They lived at Gold Street, Brooklyn New York.  Giuseppe was born in Baselica, Borgo val da Tora and was from a family local to the area

They in turn had children Dennis and Jo Ann Signorini

The very premature death of Giuseppe of Influenza. The Spanish flu killed millions between 1918 and 1924

grave of daughter Irene

Siblings of Giuseppe
the death of Clotide Brattesani

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