The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BRATTESANI Lorenzo Bartolomeo 1881- Speroni line

Lorenzo Bartolomeo Brattesani was born in Borgotora in Italy in the year  1881.  He was the son of Giuseppe Brattesani and Veronica Zaccarini.  The 1910 Census of the USA tells us that Lorenzo was residing in Manhatten, New York with his wife Clarinda Cardinale

1910 census

The 1910 census tells us that Lorenzo first arrived in New York in the year 1904 aged 18.  His wife Clarinda Cardinale had arrived in 1900 and had most likely gone to live with her brother Giuseppe who is also mentioned in this census. Joseph’s occupation is one of a flower maker, which was a trade taken on by Italians at this time where they would roll the paper to look like beautiful hand made roses.  Lorenzo was a cook in a restaurant while his sister worked in a hair salon.

Little Italy, New York 1900
a fantastic photo of the time

The Cardinale family were cousins who also came from Borgotoro in Italy and their family were entwined with other branches, including in Scotland.   Lorenzo married Clarinda in New York on 1st July 1909. ÂThey had three children all born in New York.   Daughter Reina was born in 1910.  Daughter Irene in 1911 and son Joseph in 1912.

In 1917 he was drafted into the Army

Army draft
second part
1930 census now in Orange County 

Lorenzo applied for passports a few times, usually to visit back home. On Feb. 19 1919  he was applying to return home to visit his father Giuseppe in Borgotoro.   Lorenzo’s occupation given here as one of ‘merchant’.  He travelled home on the Giuseppe Verde in 1921.

Passport Application
Photo of Lorenzo . His address was 19 South Day Street, Orange County, New Jersey
WW2 WAR registration card – Lorenzo was 61 years old
50 North Jefferson, Orange County. Daughter Jane lived at 51 – similar building

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