The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

GIULIANOTTI Graparini – Landini – Marioni line

Luigi Giulianotti was born circa 1835 in Valdena. He married DOMENICA GRAPARINI who was around the same age as him. They had three children we can positively link to them .

Giuseppe Giulianotti 1831-1883 may or may not have had two wives. Or it may be another Giuseppe, a cousin. He may also have been married to Rosa Zanre

ANTHONY PETER GUILIANOTTI 1870 – 1947 – The Landini line

When Antonio (Peter) Giulianotti was born on June 12 1870, his father, Giuseppe, was 39 and his mother, Rosa, was 29. He married Elizabetta Landini on February 8 1898 in Borgo Val di Taro, Parma, Italy. They had nine children in 12 years. He died on June 11, 1947, in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, at the age of 76.

Anthony Giulianotti

ANTHONY married Elizabetta Landini whose family were from the same area on 8th February 1898 in Borgo val da Tora.

Shortly after their marriage the couple moved to Peterhead in Scotland where all their  children were  born. They found at first a home at 16 Chapel Street, then at 20 Chapel Street. Then onto 22 Chapel Street.  Peter as he was known ran his business from 24 Chapel Street in the town.  The family remained at these premises right until 1947 when Peter died.

Elizabetta Landini in later years.         

KNOWN CHILDREN of Elisabetta and Antonio Giulianotti

Their family came along as follows

Adam Peter Giulianotti 1899-1968

Adamo or Adampeter Giulianotti to the right. He married Maggie Jane Keith. The photograph is Adam with Bert and Nell his children. Photograph shared by Eileen McArthur

Maggie Jane Keith in later life.

Their son Albert 1934-2022 married Agnes Christie Dow and their family were Teresa, Albert, Derek or Dennis and Stewart.

Their daughter Nellie married Robert Albert Pratt. Eileen McArthur is their daughter.


Guido Luigi Fiovino Giulianotti 1901-1965

GIUDO was born on 18TH October 1901 at 20 Chapel Street, Peterhead. He married Jessie McGlagan Bruce. Her father was a warden at Perth Prison and their marriage ceremony was performed there. They in turn had four children Maureen, Ray, Derek and Linda.


Maria Domenica Giulianotti 1905-1996

Maria Domenica Giulianotti was born on 10th September 1905 at 22 Chapel Street in Peterhead. She was married twice as indicated below, to unknown Parenti. Her second marriage to Guglielimo Moscatelli who was an Electrical Engineer born in 1906. His parents were Nicolo Moscatelli and Maria Bergamaschi. This second marriage took place in The Roman Catholic Church in Peterhead. They had five children Elizabeth, Julie, Maria Elena and Ernesto [twins] and Guillermo who emigrated to Ureguey.

Maria was born  on 10 September 1905. My grandmother was widowed and married 08/01/1932 to Moscatellli Gughielmo  in the Church of Peterhead, and lived at 24 Chapel Street, as a record of the Catholic Church of Rome District Peterhead, Aberdeen.She came to live in Uruguay in South America, and tube 4 children: Julia; twins Ernesto and Maria Elena, and Guillerno.

Maria Elena is my mother has memories of her  uncle Luigi and Attilio, and letters of Albert and Nellie cousins who showed his madre.  I was very young but I remember Attilio and his wife Victoria who were over here, and we postcards who ordered them and their daughter Silvia who was married to Danilo.Attilio remember talking about the ice cream factory and had won awards for its ice cream, which were different from those made here.

It came before Attilio another family, but I remember I was very young, I will ask my mother her name. I would like you to ask your father if you remember these facts which I narrated and if you want to contact.


GIULIO ADUARDO GIULIANOTTI was born on 22 October 1909 at 22 Chapel Street, Peterhead. He married Gloria Flora Mortali (1924) on 12th April 1955 in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Aberdeen, and his occupation was presented at the time as a Cafe Proprietor. His address at the time was in 105 Bon Accord Street, Aberdeen. Gloria’s parents also owned a cafe. I am not sure if they had any children. When he died prematurely on 24 July 1964 he was described as a Company Director. Gloria remarried unknown Calicante. She died on 30th June 2011 in Aberdeen.


ALBERTO SAMOLLE GIULIANOTTI was born on 24 February 1911 at 22 Chapel Street, Peterhead. . In 1951 he married Carolina Veronica Dora. His profession given as restranteur. They divorced some years later. One son Remo who was born in 1954. There may have been Rosa born in 1959 and a Richard Charles in 1969 but this is unconfirmed. Alberto died July 6 1975 at home 8 Royfold Avenue in Aberdeen.

The Giulianotti Morioni line

The second line is the MORIONI Line. EMILIO LUIGI GIULIANOTTI was born in Valdena in 1875. He was the son of Luigi Giulianotti and Domenica Graparini.

Emilio Luigi Giulianotti married on the 22nd January 1895 in Valdena to Angela Domenica Marioni (1875-1936), This family also moved to Scotland to the Aberdeen, Fraserburgh and Peterhead areas where they raised their family.

Fraserburgh like Stonehaven is a town on the North Eastern part of Scotland. It is a fishing town and is probably why the family settled here where fish was abundant. Fish and Chips had taken off in Scotland at that time and business would be plentiful



1 VERONICA MARIA GIULIANOTTI was born in 1896 in Italy. She married Pietro Venturini on 4th August 1920 just shortly after the First World War in Scotland. They had several children, Anna, Irene, Aldo, Emma and Alice. Veronica died in 1944.

MARIA DELINA GIULIANOTTI 1899-1976 – the Bicocchi connection

MARIA DELINA or ADELINA GIULIANOTTI was born on 1st September 1899 in Borgotora. After travelling with her parents to Scotland she married Emilio Bicocchi on 17th November 1917 in Peterhead R.C. Church.. Emilio described as a Confectioner and his father a shop keeper. Maria described as a shop assistant and her father also a Confectioner, but now deceased.

They had two children

Their eldest son GIULIETTO ENRICO BICOCCHI was born on 15th September 1917, just shortly before they wed. The birth was sorted out in the Register of Corrected Entries the following year which stated that the illigetimacy was now null. He went on to marry Gladys Morgan. He died in Germany in 1978

second son Edovino Emilio Bicocchi 1922-1997

Emilio as he was known married another Giulianotti by the name of Maria Rosa Giulianotti . They married in Stonehaven in 1947.

Maria’s father was Giovanni Giulianotti who lived also in Stonehaven. He was 80 when he died. You can see his line stretching back. There are many family connections here.

Emilio and Domenico’s Son Roberto Agosto Giulianotti 1903-1973

ROBERTO AGOSTO GIULIANOTTI was born on 3rd July 1903 in Fraserburgh. He married on 2nd October 1925 to CHRISTINA BARCLAY (1906-1984). He died in Hinckley in Leicestershire on 1 Feb 1973. She died in 1984. Their only son Robert 1926-2002 married Kathleen Iris Moore. They had two sons Robert and Peter. All photos shared by grandson also Robert Giulianotti.

Daughter Domenica Giulia Giulianotti 1906-1988

DOMENICA GIULIA GIULIANOTTI was born on 20th May 1906 at 5 High Street, Fraserburgh. She is photographed with her older siblings. Can’t find a marriage for her in Scotland but know she also married into the Bicocchi family. Her husband was Antonio Vittorio Biccocchi. They enjoyed a large family, I only know three of their names, Clarinda and Maria. But there was three more sons and one more daughter. She died on 27th September 1988 in Aberdeen. Her husband’s parents were Giuseppe Bicocchi and Maria Becci. They were also from Valdena and Borgotora.

Youngest son Emilio Luigi Giulianotti 1912-1963

Emilio Luigi Giulianotti

EMILIO LUIGI GIULIANOTTI was born on 16th October 1912 at 22 Chapel Street, Peterhead. He married Edith Helen Dallas Hay in 1935. They had one daughter Angela who was born in 1936.

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    I used to visit my Granny every summer as a child between the mid 50s and the early 70s. A real highlight was getting a cone or a slider from the Rendezvous just down Forest Avenue. The family were so kind and always chatted, and we were made to feel very special. I can still taste the icecream- the best ever.

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