The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


This line of the family also from the same village as our own Giuseppe.

You can see the two lines here Giuseppe Brattesani and Annunziata  Bosi and their son Giuseppe with his new wife Veronica Zaccarini



The gravestone of Veronica Zaccarini 1850-1915. Â We must assume that it is her daughter Bettina Brattesani who shares her resiting place.

Giovanni and Veronica had at least three children, Bettina born 1871, Luigi 1880 and Giovanni.1891   Luigi stayed with his Brattesani cousins at 9 Greenside Place.   In the year 1905 he ran a business from No. 4 Greenside Place in Edinburgh as well as another at 146 Dalry Road.   He also resided at 142 Dalry Road in the same year.   He then moved through to Glasgow.  He married Emily Gorman and the couple ran a Soda Fountain Premises in Glasgow.   They resided at 26 Cecil Street, Hillhead in Glasgow.  When he died of a tumour in 1923 both his parents were still alive.

Luigi's death

Giovanni or John was the only one of the Brattesani family to change his name.  This branch of the family settled in Dundee in Scotland.   He married Emma Jane Arthur in 1913.  Emma’s address was given as 18 John’s Lane in Liverpool and Giovanni’s as Browning Hotel, Crichton Street in Dundee.  John followed his cousins into the restaurant trade and ran fish and chip shops for many years.

Daughter Veronica Agnes Brattesani was born in Durie Street, Methil on 1st February 1914.

Daughter Elizabeth Emma came along in 1916.  Emma died tragically on 17th May 1937 following a difficult delivery of twin babies.

Eugenia was born on 28th May 1917 also at 4 Church Street, Lochgelly in Fife.   Eugenia married Alexander Kingsepp in 1941.  Alexander was 16 years her senior and a Marine Engineer by trade.

By the year 1939 John and Emma had parted.    His second marriage took place in St. Giles in Edinburgh on 10th November 1934.  His new wife was Elizabeth Dunnett who was a hairdresser.  John was 42 and Elizabeth 22 years his junior.

   But by the year 1939 at the outbreak of the War things became a little more difficult when Giovanni was interred at Saughton PRISON in Edinburgh as part of the Government locking up of Italians and Germans who had settled in the country.

Giovanni's interment at Saughton Prison 1940

At this time he was running a hotel at South Queensferry under his new name as Bradley’s Hotel with his new wife.

Another interesting interment was one of the Bosi family who were running a cafe in Union Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, just beside the Deep Sea Restaurant.  Primo Bosi who was born in Scotland was arrested after they found firearms in his shop at 6 Union Place.

Bosi Interment 1940

John Bradley's family or Giovanni Brattesani as he was originally known

Lawrence Bradley married Helen Seaton Purves on 16th September 1972 in Glasgow. – James Giuseppe Lawrence Brattesani above.



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  1. my name brattesani from a famous family in glasgow my father antonios uncles jimmy and my father ludovico set up buisness in elie fife also peteweem i cant understand why he has not been mentioned

    john lodovico brattesani

  2. Helen says:

    Hello John and thank you so much for your comment. I will dedicate a page to your father and uncle if you would like to send me some details.

  3. j brattesani says:

    i will try to gather some information on my grandfather ludovico brattesani who had an ice cream shop in elie fife 1936-1939 he was arrested at the start of the war and interned in the isle of man.
    his other two brothers had shops in anstruther, and leslie in fife but as far as i know he was the only one arrested because he lived in italy 6 months of the year.
    my father was born in leslie along with his 4 sisters and 2 brothers one of which died my namesake john died in elie when only a year old, hense my grandmother decanted back to italy.
    my father who was at school in italy 19 years of age came over to scotland and on to the isle of man to give his father support, but sadly at 53 my grandfather died on the isleof man with stomach cancer, witch left my father with the shop in elie after the war
    he married my mother lisa rossi of 12 tollcross road glasgow in1947. and settled in fife
    iwas born on the14th of august 1948. when my mother visited my grandmother in glasgow .
    they stayed in fife for a year but i think it was too boring fot my dad he sold up and came to glasgow where he open the largest fish and chip shop in glasgow called the pollok snacks in kingston glasgow
    at moment i find it hard to talk a little about my mother and father who are both dead
    and even at 64 it still hurt i hode this has helped and will be waiting for you to reply

    yours sincerly

    john ludovico brattesani

  4. Helen Helm-Sagar says:

    Luigi and Emily (my grandparents), had one daughter Ninetta Eugenia Brattesani (my mother)

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