The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


From the archives of Barga in Foto which can be found on facebook these wonderful photos – just to see the faces is enough.

Photo of a soldier Antonio Mordini

A photo taken before the Birth

Four generations sit for the Camera

another large family from Barga

Barga in Foto - enjoying local wine 

Unknown folks

In uniform

a local family

a more affluent family

This is my most favourite photo from the Barga in Foto site. She could be any of our own.  Great snapshot in time

another fantastic photo of the local community at work

Another soldier - but what year

What year?

another Unknown Family

This young man was very handsome

This gentleman reminds me of an Alpine farmer

young gentleman

This photo is so similar to one I have of one of the Qs I am going to try and look it out and add to this page

EMILIO QUILIETTI native of Barga

Another local family

a married couple

Another soldier, another uniform

Portrait of a sad old lady

Another great Clan

a portrait of a cheeky young gentleman

Three of the Quilietti brothers from Castelvecchio











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