The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

STANTON Denis Madigan 1950

Denis Madigan Stanton.


Denis Madigan was named after his Irish grandmother’s line.  The name DENIS MADIGAN is plentiful in Counties Limerick and Clare, Ireland.  DNA matches for Denis also confirm that he is very much a Munster Irish.  There are many branches of the family who have the same name and who emigrated to the USA, CANADA,  SCOTLAND and ENGLAND.

3 Responses to “STANTON Denis Madigan 1950”

  1. Lynn Stanton Merchant says:

    Amazing Uncle Dennis, what a fabulous insight to our family, enjoyed reading very much and brought a few tears to my eyes lots love Lynn x

  2. Jim Gordon says:


    I am a 66 year old retired Engineer living in Edinburgh and have recently begun to piece together my family tree.

    My great great grandparents were James Gordon and Jane Asher from Morayshire and one of their grandchildren Jane Gordon married a Donald Sutherland. I believe this couple are your great grandparents.

    A very distant connection but if you wish to compare notes I’d be pleased to hear from you at the above e-mail address.



  3. Jim Purdie says:

    Hi Denis,

    I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I lived on the Terrace at no. 71 – we used to play together when we were wee and I think you worked with my father (Harry) for a while.
    I’m in Canada now but would love to hear from you – great pictures, by the way !

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