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MURRAY Minnie 1928-1925 Burns connection

Katrina BURNS is the daughter of Minnie Murray 1928-1925 and William Burns 1927-1990.  That makes Katrina and myself second cousins.


Katrina in her Highland Dancing junior days


Katrina, grandaughter of Valentina Maria Quilietti



Katrina with Jeanette and Janet Quilietti and Denis Madigan Stanton

Katrina’s daughter Naomi

Naomi is the only daughter of Katrina and Peter.   She has graduated from her student days with flying colours and is, as you can see, a very beautiful young lady


Naomi with her dad


Young Katrina with Mark Murray


Minnie putting the rags in Katrina’s hair. Ringlets were the result of the process.


Katrina  A  links  to Katrina’s Company.  Her husband Peter is a digital Director at this company.



2 Responses to “MURRAY Minnie 1928-1925 Burns connection”

  1. Neil cameron murray says:

    Hi katrina
    Great to read the info on this website, have very fond memories of staying with your mum and dad and watching you dance in the centre of edinburgh. Hope you can remember me i am craig, stuart and celias brother.
    Have now got 3 daughters stacey, kirsty and ella plus a grandaughter kayla.
    Thanks again
    Regards neil

  2. Helen says:

    Will let Katrina know that you have posted this Neil. thanks for leaving a comment

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