The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


David Brattesani was born in Italy in 1842. He married Anna Maria Coffrini in Italy

A bit about David’s family – his Brothers and sisters

DAVID BRATTESANI was  born 1842 in Parma, Italy.

  • SAVINO or GIULIO BRATTESANI 1834-1928 – London connections
  • GIUSEPPE BRATTESANI 1841-1905 – direct line
  • DAVID BRATTESANI 1842- Sante Brattesani line
  • ANGELO BRATTESANI 1843-1910 – Scotland then USA
  • LORENZO BRATTESANI – BOZZO or Buzee 1844-1943 – USA – this line TBC
  • GIUDETTA BRATTESANI 1849-1943 – Giapozzi connections DNA hits with family
  • MADDALENA BREDICE BRATTESANI 1850-1931 – Becarelli connections TBC
  • MARIA BRATTESANI 1860-1940 – CURA connections Perth, Scotland TBC



1901 Scottish Census with Valentina Quilietti, Widow, her children, her father and Sisters, also uncle David with his sons John, Santi and Joseph.

Valentina Brattesani  age 30, described as the Head of the family  and  her occupation as ‘confectioner and employer born in Paris.

  • Giuseppe Brattesani age 60, Annuinant, this was her father.
  • David Brattesani, age 56, Vandriver, this was her uncle
  • Louie Cardinale, age 51, Fish shop assistant, this was her cousin as well and the Cardinale’s are married through a couple of branches to the Brattesani family
  • Sante Brattesani, age 28, fish shop assistant. This was her cousin, son of Angelo Brattesani, mentioned above.   She married him a couple of months later.
  • John Brattesani, age 24, fish shop assistant, Cousin, also son of David above mentioned.
  • Minnie Brattesani, age 19, Confectioner’s shop keeper, sister.
  • Louisa Brattesani, age 13, scholar, sister.  She looked after the Quilietti children below
  • Juilio Quilietti age 8, Scholar
  • Nardo Quilietti age 7, Scholar
  • Angelina Quilietti age 5, scholar
  • Joseph Anjelo was not residing with the family on the night of the census. He was residing around the corner with the Glass Family who also helped raise the Quilietti children after the death of Emilio Quilietti in 1898.
9 Greenside Place was above Napiers


  • Giuseppe Brattesani was born on 18th October 1876 in Borgotora. He was also in Edinburgh in 1901 and is on the census above. Moving back to Italy he married Rosa Theresa Gasparini and they had several children, many of who emigrated to New York.  One  son was Domenico Brattesani and he in turn married a girl called Italina Bardini. Domenico had gone at first to Mexico but documentation tells us that he walked on foot across the border to arrive in San Francesco.  They had two sons, John   born 1930 and Joseph born 1941.  Domenico died in December 1995 in San Francesco.
  • Giovanni Brattesani was born in Alberta on 31st May 1878. He was in Edinburgh in 1901 and is mentioned in the census above. He moved from Italy to New York. In 1924 he married in New York to Josephine Becci. They had one daughter Laura 1925-1964. Giovanni died in 1929.
Naturalisation records telling us that Giuseppina Brattesani was a Widow
  • Pietro or Peter Brattesani was born in 1890 in Parma.  He also came to Scotland with his father and resided with his family at 9 Greenside Place, Edinburgh. Unlike his siblings he remained in the Scottish Capital and  married a Scottish girl called. Margaret Hill . His family were involved in the fish and chip shops in Edinburgh for many years. His descendants still live in and around the city of Edinburgh today

NEWS HEADLINES many years later

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