The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Arpino Benedetto Antonio 1832-1913

  • Their known children – there may be more
  • Michaelangella Arpino was born in 1858 in Sant’Elia Fiumerapido Italy. She died on 18th July 1952 at 63 The Pleasance in Edinburgh. In 1879 she married in Bradford her cousin Benedetto Arpino [his father was Pasquale] They moved to Edinburgh where they enjoyed a large family
  • Nicolo Arpino was born on 4th February 1863 in Italy and he died on 21st January 1924 in Main Street in Roslin. He married Rosa Margiotta in 1895. He ran the confectionery and ice cream business in Roslin at the beginning of 1900s.
  • Maria Giuseppa Arpino was born in 1866 in Sant’Elia Fiuerapido in Italy. She died on 19th February 1960 in Bradford in England. She married Giulio or Julio Ceci [later changed surname to Church] in 1854-1942. They remained in Bradford and had thirteen children of whom two died in infancy.
  • Giuseppe Arpino was born in 1870 in Italy and died in 1950 in the Poplars Home in Aberlady in Scotland. He never married but did help manage the Ice Cream Shops run by his brother Nicolo.
  • Francesca Juliette Arpino who married Augusto Quilietti
  • Angelo Arpino – there may have been another brother who emigrated to New York but this has to be confirmed
  • These are only the known children of Benedetto and Benedetta.

A BIT ABOUT MARIA GIUSEPPA’s Line 1866-1960 CECI Connections

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  1. Sherri Webber says:

    Hello, I am descended from the ARPINO family of Sant’Elia Fiumerapido. My great grandfather was Marino Arpino, his brother was Benedetto and their parents were Tommaso ARPINO and Francesca CLEMENTE. Do you have any information I may find useful in tracing my family please?

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