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BOYLE LUKE 1786 – Betsy McLauchlan 1796 my 3rd Great Grandparents

Our Branch of the  Boyle family originally came from the Parish of Urney in County Tyrone in Ireland and they settled, like so many other Irish immigrants, in the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire areas of  Scotland where there was ample work at this time, early 1800s.  There was work in the Mines, both Coal and Iron, the Cotton and Wood Mills and not forgetting the Farms. The iron and coal communities would have had housing on hand also to house the families.  Word of mouth from Jeannie Boyle is that she thought her family came from County Mayo in Ireland but as yet no paper trail evidence of this.

This is the only church in the Parish of Urney in County Tyrone. The Parish was very small, only 188 acres. It is situated in the Strabane side of the Parish.
Urney is a townland and civil parish in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Both townland and parish are situated in the historic barony of Strabane Lower. This is where Luke Boyle was born in 1786.

3rd Great Grandparents Luke Boyle and Elizabeth or Betsy McLauchlin

James Boyle was born c 1765 in Urney, Tyrone, Ireland.  He married unknown.  Two sons Luke and John came to Scotland and we find John in the 1861 census living with his sister in law Elizabeth Mclauchlin [Boyle] and her son Luke and daughter Jane.  Address – 1 Thatchrow, Old Monklands.

It was his son Luke Boyle born circa 1786 in Ireland who married Elizabeth McLauchlin on 3rd December 1820 in the Parish of Old Monklands in Lanarkshire in Scotland.

James Boyle was the son of Luke Boye and Betsy McLachlan.

So they moved to Ayrshire in Scotland

Luke had  moved to Dalry in Ayrshire where he found employment in the Iron Mines and he was employed as a Furnace Keeper for many years. Here he  married Elizabeth McLaughlan on 3rd December 1820 in Old Monklands.  They resided at Blair Iron Works New Row, a development built for the miners and their families.  She was ten years younger than Luke.

Direct line Boyle/Kay

Gartsherrie, lately a quoad sacra parish, in the parish of Old Monkland, county of Lanark ; containing, with the villages of Coatbridge, Coatdyke, Gartcloss, Merrystone, and Summerlee, 5906 inhabitants, of whom 1499 are in the village of Gartsherrie, 2 miles (W.) from Airdrie. This is a considerable mining district, in the works connected with which the chief of the population are employed: the ironworks are of great magnitude, and include a number of blast-furnaces for the smelting of the ore. The coal-mine here is also worked on a very extensive scale; there are five strata of coal, between each of which is a stratum of sandstone and shale : the seams of coal vary in thickness from one foot four inches to four feet. The Glasgow and Garnkirk railway, which starts from St. Rollox, in the north-east quarter of the city, joins the Monkland and Kirkintilloch railway at this place. The ecclesiastical affairs are under the presbytery of Hamilton and synod of Glasgow and. Ayr, and the patronage is vested in the subscribers to the church; the stipend of the minister is £150, secured by bond. The church, erected at a cost of £3300, is an elegant structure, with a tower rising to the height of 136 feet, and contains 1500 sittings. Near it is the Academy, erected in 1844, at cost of £2300 ; and there is a large Sabbath school in connexion with the Establishmen

Thomas Smith and Annie’s two children were Ellen born 1891 in Chelsea and Rose Ann who was born in Stirling in 1897. Thomas and Annie had moved up to Scotland for work as Thomas was a miner and at that time work was plentiful in this area. However, Thomas died prematurely in 1899. After the death of Thomas Smith Annie found a job of housekeeper to James Boyle and the rest is history. The address was Gateside, Whitburn, West Lothian.

James Boyle and Annie Smith married on 14th May 1900 in Whitburn in West Lothian. They in turn had two children Jane Walker BOYLE [direct line] 1901-1973. Jeannie as she was affectionately called married Joseph Angelo Quilietti on 4th September 1919 in the Chambers in Chambers Street in Edinburgh. Joseph had lost his first wife CATHERINE JANE KELLY to the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. She was 18 years old.

Second daughter Jemima was born in 1904. She married Arthur Lumsden in Gateshead and settled here with him. Still to research this side of the family. She died in Gateshead in July 1951.


JANE WALKER BOYLE was wed to Joseph Angelo Quilietti on 4th September 1919 at 34 Chambers Street, Edinburgh.  Joseph had been WIDOWED only the year before after his first wife died of the Spanish Flue in 1918.

The Boyle line

This extract from the 1841 Scottish Census Luke Boyle shows Luke working in the Blair Iron Works in Dalry.  Occupation given as a Furnace Keeper.  With him Elizabeth age 45 and sons James, Henry and Luke.

 There would have been many Boyle children but we have traced to date:-

  • JANE BOYLE born 1822. May have married unknown Jamieson and moved to Dunoon in Argyll
  • JAMES BOYLE born 14/7/1823-17/8-1894. DIRECT LINE married JANE WALKER – see below
  • HENRY BOYLE was born in 1826. He started work as a Collier and we find him in the 1851 census living in Kilmarnock.   
  • ANNE BOYLE was born 1828. No further information. Although we do find one Anne Boyle in the Glasgow Barnhouse WORKHOUSE in 1881. This Ann worked in the Cotton Mills. She may have married Michael Casey but as yet unconfirmed.
  • FRANCIS BOYLE was born on 23 October 1829. No further information on this line
  • LUKE BOYLE was born on 25 August 1832. He was baptised in St. Andrews in Glasgow on 20th September. Like his older siblings Luke fell into hard times and was described as a pauper on his death lines in 1880.

By 1851 the family were now in Kinneil Iron Works located in Bo’Ness.  Only one son, Luke age 18,  remained with them. This was the last census we find Luke Boyle senior.  To date no death recorded in the Scottish Archives.

The 1861 Census shows Betsey now residing in 1 Thatchrow in Old Monkland in Lanarkshire.  With her was son Luke and daughter Jane. No sign of Luke. 

Been actively searching for the deaths of Luke and Elizabeth but nothing in the Scottish Archives to date.  Possibly died in another country, North England or Ireland





The BOYLE Walker line

My 2nd Great Grandparents were James Boyle 1823-1894 and JANE [Jean] Walker.

We have many Walker branches in our family but this one were from the Paisley area of the West of Scotland. We will deal with this side on another page Walker Pinkerton connections. But Jane Walker was the daughter of James Walker and Mary Pinkerton

The children of James Boyle and Jane Walker were

  • Ages Boyle [Ann] 1837-1875 – married Thomas Henderson Nicol in 1863 in Shotts Iron Works.and they had 6 or so children all born in the Shotts, Lanarkshire region, They continued to work in the Iron Mines there.
  • Jane Boyle 1843-1920. – married James Muir and then Charles Kerr. The family also remained in Shotts in Lanark
  • Luke Boyle 1846-1927 – married a widow Agnes Miller [Smith] and inherited 7 children. They had one daughter Agnes who died in 1905. Luke fell into hard times and was nearly blind by 1913 when he applied for Poor Relief in Dalry. Interesting document below tells us so much information about Luke and his wife and her family. After he received his last payment in 1913 Luke moved to Thornton in Fife where he died in 1927.


She married Thomas Smith in the year 1888 in London. Their residence was 24 Fifth Avenue, Queen’s Park in Chelsea in London and the marriage took place at St. John’s Church Parish of St. Luke’s.

  • Elizabeth Boyle 1848-1888. Elizabeth married Henry Brown 1845-1929 They married on 15th March 1867 in Shotts in Lanark. They had a large family some born in Scotland and some in New South Wales in Australia, where many descendants live today.


  • HENRY BOYLE 1852-1906 was born in Dalry in Ayrshire. He married Jane Campbell 1864-1899. They had 7 children James, Henry, William, Jeanie, Thomas and Agnes. Jane Campbell died shortly after the birth of Agnes in 1899. The rest of the family remained in the area.
  • MARY BOYLE 1854-1879. She married James Meechan in 1872 but unfortunately died a few years later. Not sure if there was any offspring
  • MARGARET BOYLE 1862-1914 – married George Piggot 1857-1904 in 1883 in Fauldhouse in Whitburn. He too was a coal miner. Children James, John, Henry and Catherine.


Jeannie Boyle and Joseph Quilietti


  • ANN JANE QUILIETTI 1920-1960
  • JOSEPH QUILIETTI 1922-1979
  • GIULIO QUILIETTI 1929-2010

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  1. annie kay /smith/boyle says:

    hi, my name is andrew cosgrove. my grandmother was rose anne smith daughter of anne smith/ boyle. i just wondered if you have any geneology of this side of the family. annie smith boyle would be your grandmaother i presume. i used to visit auntie jean when i was a wee boy, she lived in niddrie edinburgh. my mother was her niece her name was annie smith then cosgrove. would love to here from you. my email is


    drew cosgrove.

  2. Christina Boyle says:


    I have been researching my family tree and came across your site. Too many of the names you have here and places are a coincidence although I do have slightly varying information. I am tracing back the family line of my Great Grandfather William Boyle born in West Benhar, Shotts in 1891. His father was Henry Boyle born in 1852. Henry Boyle’s brother was James Boyle, I believe the father of your grandmother. Their parents were James Boyle born circa 1825 and Jane Walker born circa 1829 from Dalry, Ayrshire. James Boyle circa 1825 was the son of Luke Boyle circa 1786 and Elisabeth Campbell circa 1796. Contrary to your statement regarding the fact the Boyle family came from County Mayo in Ireland I have a different background. We believe these Boyle’s originally came over to Scotland after the Norman conquests in the early 1100’s from France and the original family name was De Boyville. They were granted lands in Wales and Cumberland and later Wigtownshire/Ayrshire. The Welsh contingent later emigrated to Ireland where after the split of the Church resulted in this part of the family becoming Roman Catholics. The Ayrshire Boyle’s remained protestants and still sit in the Clan seat at Kelburn Castle in Largs Ayrshire, which is where the Dalry, Ayrshire connection comes in. Please get in touch to share information.


    Christina Lawrie nee Boyle

  3. Helen says:

    Research today is a very powerful tool. First of all thank you so much for your very informative comment. It would be quite nice to have some more French blood running through our veins. So right back to James Boyle and Jane Walker our history is set. Your research however gives you a different mother for our James Boyle although Luke Boyle is still the link. Our County Mayo connection comes from the mouth of my grandmother Jeannie Boyle born in 1901. She spoke to her own sons of this being her ancestral home and although her history was in the mining villages of Lanarkshire she must have heard stories of her ancestors from her own father. That is the only proof of the County Mayo connections.. I would be very interested in hearing of your own research of course. There are also another genealogist who has done lots of work on our side of the family history. I will find his details and then have another look at our own research

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