The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

MORRISON Edward 1928-2000 Edmonds

Edward was the son of Helen Denholm Crawford and Alexander Morrison

This was Chessel’s Court in 1927, the year before Uncle Eddie was born.

Morrison line

Uncle Eddie Morrison was born in Chessel’s Court in Edinburgh’s Canongate on 9th March 1928.  He was the son of Alex. Morrison and Helen Denholm Crawford.  He was the third of eleven  Jessie, Alex, Eddie, Peggy, Podge, Robert [who died in infancy] John,  Mary, Ellen, Nancy and Sheila.  The children all remained close throughout their lives and their families would all congregate at Ma Morrison’s for a wee get together on a regular basis.  Then it would be at Joe and Peggy’s,  or at the Hoodies home  who lived over at Gorgie.  Then back to Sheila and Raymonds or Ellen and Willie Hill’s.  These gatherings would go on all weekend and a beer and a singsong were never far away.

Uncle Eddie was what I would describe as the gentleman of the family.  I never saw him any other way. I know in later life he and Joyce would enjoy their Freemason evenings as they were both members of different lodges.

Eddie on the left with his brothers Podge, Jimmy,Alex and John. Also with them is their brother-in-law Tam Hood. The man at the centre back is Eddie’s best pal but don’t know what his name was.

Always a quiet gentle man he became a master bricklayer and with his brothers they plied their trade throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians for many a years.

Aunty Joyce is on the right. Fashionable to smoke then and drinking milk by the look of it. With her is her sister in law Maggie McGovern Morrison who was married to Alex. Morrison [junior]

Eddie Morrison married Joyce Edmond on 16th April 1948 in Edinburgh.  Joyce’s parents were John Edmond and Agnes Emmett.  Joyce lived at 52 Niddrie Mains Drive at the time.     Joyce was two years younger than Eddie.  In a couple of years this would be the very address where Peggy and Joe Quilietti found themselves living.

Their eldest  son Eddie Morrison was born on 26th October 1948 at the Eastern General Hospital.   At this time the couple had moved to 95 Niddrie Mains Terrace just nearby.

With Sandy Morrison sitting at the front we find next to him left aunty Sheila Morrison. At the right Margot McGinness. Joe Quilietti at the back with Eddie Morrison and Josie Quilietti. Photo taken down the coast, probably Gullane or somewhere. Sandy looks about 5 maybe

Then came along Alexander John Morrison who we all knew and loved as Sandy. He was born on 12th April 1950 at No. 79 Niddrie Mains Terrace, and delivered by Granny Quilietti herself, who was known as the local midwife.  In 1950 at the time Sandy was born  Eddie and Joyce lived at 53 Northfield Drive in Edinburgh with Joe and Peggy in the PREFABS

Uncle Eddie with a young Alister.

Peggy, Josie, Joyce, Eddie and Sandy at the PREFAB in Northfield. Unknown lady with two daughters with them

Joyce at the left with a very rare photo of Jessie Morrison holding her nephew Alister – thanking Alister for posting these fab photos

Next son to arrive was Alister Morrison.  Alister did not arrive until the 22nd March 1958.  He was born in Elsie Inglis Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh.  By this time the family had moved to 19 Gilmerton Dykes Avenue, which remained the family home for many years

Ian was the last son to be born, arriving on First October 1964 and born at home at 19 Gilmerton Dykes Avenue.


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