The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


grandad Jamie

Annie and Mary Sutherland. With them Peter, Jimmy and Anne Stanton

Annie Sutherland

Scott with his girls

Davie Sutherland, son of Jamie

Anne's mum was Annie Sutherland

Scott Grant, great grandson of Jamie Sutherland.  His mum is Anne Cotterrall

Scott with his wife Wendy

Many Sutherlands here.

Ryan, Davie and Kyle Sutherland

Denise Sutherland

Valerie and Linda. Â Their father was Jimmy Sutherland

Mary was married to Jimmy Sutherland


Tracy Sutherland and her family 'Wood'

the twin Sutherlands

Davie junior


SUTHERLAND descendents

Davie Sutherland with two of his daughtersÂ

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  1. Scott Grant says:

    Nice picture where was that taken of myself ? Scott Grant

  2. Helen says:

    It is lurking somewhere in our photo archives……..

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