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The story of a Scots Italian family

Dalessio/Neri connections

Most of the Dalessio Dalazio D’Allesio Dalizie families in Scotland were very much related. But there are a few wildcats still to be traced, like one born in America, a couple in Glasgow, the Inveresk branch, etc. still to be traced.

Both the Dalessio and Neri families have their roots traced back to the area of  Cassino, Frozinone, Lazio,  Italy.  Here we find Francesco Dalessio and his wife Clementina Tomasso.  They would surely have had many children but our links are through Giovanni or John who was born in 1871.   

There was another  branch of the Dalessio family who came to Edinburgh at this time. Pietro Dalessio [1855-1929] with his wife Mariantonia Marcangelo. [1862-1944]  Her mum was also a Soave.

There was so much family social interaction at this time in Italy and it was very common for cousins to marry.  

Family links

Family links

Apologies for the different spellings of the name Dalessio.  It changed somewhat from year to year and from document to document  So for this page we will go with Dalessio.   Dalezio and D’Allesio are two more ways it was written. down.  It is not a common surname here in Scotland and the family who settled in Aberdeen were mostly from this branch.

It was on the  18th June 1894 that Giovanni married  Innocenzia Demalia, the daughter of Giuseppe Demalia and Maria Soave. Their  eldest daughter, Maria Rosa Concetta Dalessio  was born in the December of 1897 in  Chiavari  in Italy and baptised in the Church of San Paolo in Cervaro,  near Cassino.

 We are still trying to ascertain whether the Chiavari she was born was the one in Genoa or nearer home in Cassino.  It may well have been that the family were travelling and the baby was born mid-travels.  So they returned home to have her baptised.  

So to Scotland the family arrived, and to Aberdeen which could not have been more different than the hot dry weather in Cassino.  By now the Italian immigrants knew fine well that the Scots had a sweet tooth, as many of their countrymen had already emigrated and were doing very well. Most of the families plied the trade of confectionery, and this family was no different.  Back home of course they would have been farmers working the land.  The Italian immigrants were very good at this and along with the Fish and Chip industry have done very well throughout the years and are famous for their ice cream shops, carts  and restaurants.  From further north in Tuscany many of the immigrants also found employment in the Art of Stucco and Plaster Figure Making.

The family settled in Aberdeen where the remainder of their 12 children were all born.  Ice Cream was their chosen trade and they did very well. Today, some of the family still live in Aberdeen.  Other descendants made their way down to Dundee and others to Edinburgh  and here  find descendants of the family today.  

Innocenzia Damalia died in Edinburgh at their family home, 8 Leslie Place, on 29th October 1950. 


Giovanni below died 17th July 1941.  Show Proprietor age 70.


1911 Scottish Census showing the family living in Aberdeen.

Known children – 

  1. MARIA ROSA CONCETTA DALESSIO was born in Italy in 1897 .  She married David McKinness on 23rd February 1923.  We thank Dave Doherty who is  grandson of Maria who will help us in filling in the gaps of this side of the family.  
  2. ALESANDRA DALESSIO was  born on 27th January 1900 at 36 East North Street in Aberdeen

    Her surname was recorded as Delazie in the Registers in Scotland.    Giovanni described himself as a musician and his x mark signifying his signature.  This gives us a clue as to the profession of Giovanni on his arrival in Scotland.  Many other Italian families were the same.   Alesandra  never married but she did have one son Anthony.  On her death lines in 1965 her occupation is given as a Confectionery Shop Assistant.   Her residence was 5 Telford Drive, Edinburgh.  She was 65.  Her son Anthony Dalessio is qualified signatory. Anthony Dalessio had married Georgina Hardie in 1951. His profession at that time was one of a Cooper’s labourer.  Their Daughters –   Patricia Ann Dalessio was born on December 4th 1951 – married William Neil Forshall in 1979 in Edinburgh.  Pamela Jane Dalessio Was born in 1956.  She married Brian Keogh in 1972.  

  3. FRANCESCO DALESSIO [Francis] was born on July 29th 1902.  Address given as 50 St. John Street in Aberdeen.  He married Christina Gibb on 17 July 1922 at the West Parish Church in Aberdeen.  On their wedding lines father John describing himself now as a Restaurant Keeper.  Christina’s father, James Gibb,  was a Baker by trade. They only had one daughter, Gladys Dalessio, who was  born on December 4th 1922.   Francesco died prematurely on 1st June 1923 shortly after the birth of their daughter Gladys.  He was only 20 years old.


    After his death Frascesco’s widow Christina Gibb remarried  to a chap called William Adam.  She died in 1977. 

    Their daughter Gladys married James Reid Grant but she also died prematurely in 1946 of T.B.  A tragic branch.

  4. GIUSEPPE DALESSIO was born on 23rd March 1905. He married Williamina Knowles. He occupation was  ice cream vendor when they married in 1927 in Aberdeen.

     They had two children Catherine Dalessio [1930] who married John Caie Kane in 1949 in Aberdeen.  Catherine died in 2011 Age 81.  Their son John married Connie Hawkins in 1976 in Aberdeen.   Giuseppe’s second daughter Teresa or Terri Delassio [1942] married Alexander Flett in Aberdeen in 1959. They divorced and she remarried in 1977 Michael Fleck. Giuseppe Dalessio died in Aberdeen in 1975 described as a retired Shop Proprietor retired. Williamena lived until she was 90 and died in January 2001 in a nursing home in Aberdeen.

  5.  DOMENICO DALESSIO  was born in 1907 and died the same year of bronchial pheumonia.
  6. ALLESANDRO ANTONIO DALESSIO was born on 30th July 1908 and died 28th April 1925 of T.B.  Allesandro worked as an Ice Cream Vendor.
  7. CLEMENTINA DALESSIO  was born in Aberdeen on 6th September 1910. She married Anthony Neri.  See more on Clementina on dedicated page.    She died age 71 years at her home at 26 East Mayfield in Edinburgh.
  8. LOUIGI DALESSIO [Louis Dall] was born On 19th March 1913 in Frederick Street in Aberdeen.  He married on 19 December 1934 in St. Mary’s RC Cathedral in Broughton Street, Edinburgh to Elizabeth Thom Ingland Begg. Louigi  changed his surname to DALL. Not sure if they had any children but they divorced and she remarried some years later to James Davidson back home in Aberdeen where she died in  1974.   Louigi ran a grocery business at 9 Rankeillor Street in Edinburgh.
  9. GIOVANNI  DALESSIO  was born on 20th January 1915 at 10 High Street, Aberdeen.  Moving to Edinburgh he was actively involved in the restaurant and ice cream trade. He married Margaret Christie Bennett on 25th October 1951 in Edinburgh.  He was 36 years old and she was 21.  


  • After their marriage  they moved into the family home at 8 Leslie Place in Edinburgh.  Son John Dalessio was born on 5 September 1952 in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.
  • John died age 3 months at their family home in Leslie Place with complications he had since birth

  •  Daughter  Allesandra Dalessio was born  20 March 1955 in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.  She has daughter  Emma Dalessio who was born on 30th March 1979.  Allesandra died February 2020.
  • Daughter  Catherine Margaret Dalessio was born May 7th 1956 at their home at 8 Leslie Place, Edinburgh.  Her Daughter Dawnmarie Dalessio was born in Edinburgh on 15th October 1974.
  • Giovanni ran an ice cream parlour in India Place, Stockbridge which was located near their home 8 Leslie Place.    
  •  Giovanni  died in 1975 at his home address at 8 Leslie Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. He was only 60.


  • FILOMENA or Philomena Dalessio  was born on 29th November 1916 in Frederick Street Aberdeen.

    In 1940 her son John Durkin Dalessio was born but tragically died as a baby.  Then in 1946 she married William Wilson McKay who was in the Royal Scots.  His profession changed to postman in later life.   Leslie McKay, their son,  was registered informant at her death. She died in Edinburgh ‘s affluent district of Denhaugh Street in Stockbridge in 1987

  • PASQUALE DALESSIO.[Patrick]  Born on April 4th 1920.

    He married Catherine Mack Hastie Insill in Edinburgh on 12th July 1943 whilst Pasquale was a Lance Sergeant in the Royal Corps of Signals.  Pasquale  was a butcher by trade.  Family home was still 8 Leslie Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. On 15th July 1946 son Michael George Dalessio was born. He died age 18 of severe head injuries Twins Richard Dalessio and Patrick Dalessio were born on 8th August 1951 at 1 Kemp Place in Edinburgh.  Patrick changed his surname to Dall and he died in the year 1998 age 77.


OTHER BRANCHES OF THE DALESSIO FAMILY who landed in Aberdeen.  Unsure of the exact relationship between this branch and the branch above.

ANTONIO MARINO D’ALESSIO, Confectioner married Adelina Tortalono in Cassino on September 4th 1919, just after the end of the Great War.  Children-

  • CARLO DOMENICO was born in 1921 but he died on 28th March 1922 in the City Hospital in Aberdeen
  • ELVIRA born 7 October 1928 195 Gallowgate, Aberdeen
  • LENA born 15 July 1931 2 Berry Street, Aberdeen.  She died on January 5th 1933 age 1 year 5 months 11 Spring Gardens, Aberdeen 
  • DORINA was born on July 14th 1934 195 Gallowgate, Aberdeen,
  • ROSINA was born on March 11th 13 East North Street, Aberdeen

There may be more children

Surely this certificate below gives us connections to the above family

ALBERT DALESSIO marries Nicolina Valente in 1955 in London.  They also land in Aberdeen – Children

  • Dianna Marino born 22 April 1958 Summerfield Hospital, Aberdeen.
  • Norma Allesandra born 1st April 1957 Maternity Hospital, Aberdeen.

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