The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BRUCCIANI Maria Giovanna Eletta Maddelena 1844-1898

the old town Castelvecchio



Children of Giuseppe Brucciani and Maria Teresa Conti – siblings of Eletta

  1. Giuliano Brucciani 1840-1858
  2. Allessò Fernando Fedele Brucciani 1840-unknown Rhode Island. He married Marianna Theresa Conti 1843-1898.
  3. Mariana Fortunata Alessandra Brucciani. 1842-1929. She married Francesco Dante and they moved to Rhode Island.
  4. Amelia Teresa Brucciani 1845-1929. She also emigrated to Rhode Island. No more information.
  5. Pietro Brucciani 1846-1855
  6. Maria Anna Fortunata Brucciani 1848
  7. Maria Domenica Clementina Elizabetta Brucciani 1849-1917. She and her husband Pietro Donati 1838-1907 came to Edinburgh in Scotland and with them their nephews Emilio and Augusto Quilietti. Pietro had a Plaster business in Chambers Street for a while and the Quilietti boys worked with him there on their arrival in Scotland. No sign of the Quilietti brothers but in the 1891 census Pietro and his family were at 137 Canongate in the Royal Mile. The Quilietti boys I believe must have returned to Italy at this time. Maria was to become a Teacher in Edinburgh and in 1901 the family were at the Southside in West Preston Street. Two of their daughters married into other Italian families, Emma to Pometti and Annunciata to Arcari. Their son Adolfo never married. Their other surviving son Giovanni Adolfo Camillo Donati married a Scottish girl Annie Loughlan. They had a large family, one of which became a Priest and a daughter who became a teacher like her mother

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