The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

MORRISON Alexander 1869-1915 Great-Granduncle

Alexander Morrison son of George Morrison 1831-1911

Alex. was born in Jhansi, Bengal, India when his father George was serving in the Army. He joined the Merchant Navy from an early age and as we can see below served for many years

DAUGHTER Jane Morrison 1890-1922

Jane Morrison was the daughter of Alexander Morrison and Jane Taylor. Jane was born on 25th January 1890 at 4 Queen Street, Aberdeen. Her father Alexander already a Merchant Seaman.

  • ALEXANDER MORRISON REID 1910-1994. Alex married Annie Love or Smith in 1935. Annie was born in Stonehaven.
  • FLORA ANN GARVIE REID 1914-1999. Flora married Kenn Johnston or Reid. They remained in Aberdeen. Have no further information
  • JAMES REID 1916-1992- have no further information.

  • CATHERINE MORRISON DUTHIE REID 1919-1975. She married George Wilson in 1943 in Perth, Scotland. Have no further information



The steel Trawler Loch Garry was built by Hall A. & Sons Ltd. Aberdeen in 1903, Yard No 400​, for the Empire Steam Fishing Company of Aberdeen Ltd. (H.A. Holmes, Managers) Sold to J. B. Graham
and Registered in Hartlepool as HL 32.

HMT Loch Garry was on duty as a Boom Net Tender and at anchor on the west side of ”A” Boom at Kirkwall. ”A” Boom stretched from Twi Ness, Shapinsay to Thieves Holm.
At about 1.15 am the vessel foundered with the loss of up to eight crew. The only survivor was William James Smith (16) who was son of the skipper. William survived by floating to a nearby small islet or island (possibly Thieves Holm or Shapinsay) where he was rescued later that day. 

Newspaper reports state that an anchor line parted and the vessel went broadside to the sea and was swamped and foundered but file HD1916-793 held by UKHO states that enquiry found that ”she probably sank owing to the heavy gale and strong tides having strained her and caused some internal leak in the engine room….”

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